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Friends, we just released the official music video of Heir To The Throne from Kingdom Domain 2022! As we go into the New Year may this song be a reminder of your identity and the position of sonship that the Father has granted you through Jesus Christ ❤️

Dear God’s people!
Our morning prayers are Tuesdays through Friday at 9am.
Address: 9719 Lincoln Village Dr, Sacramento 95827

Внимание молитвенники!
Наши утренние молитвы проходят каждое утро со вторника по пятницу в 9 утра.
Адрес: 9719 Lincoln Village Dr, Sac-to 95827
Dear friends!
Behold services are back on schedule!!!

Tomorrow January 13th, our first Behold in 2023. Come, worship Jesus and praise His name 🙌🙌🙌

7pm, 9719 Lincoln Village Dr, Sacramento 95827
Attention, God’s people!
Our morning prayers are Tuesdays through Friday at 9am at 9719 Lincoln Village Dr, Sac-to 95827
Let’s praise our Lord Jesus together 🙏🏻
Hello friends! We are planning another trip to Ethiopia February 14-21st. If you are interested in going, please contact Vika (360) 941-8850
BEHOLD service is tomorrow at 7 pm at KDC. Come worship our Lord, exalt the King of Kings, and dwell in His presence 🙏🏻

Завтра в 7 вечера! Приходите прославить Бога, превознести Царя Царей и пребывать в Его присутствии 🙏🏻

Save the date‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
Next Friday 1/27 will have ALL NIGHT worship from 9pm to 6am, KDC location. See you there 🙌
Our morning prayers are Tuesdays through Friday at 9 am at 9719 Lincoln village dr, Sacramento, 95827.

Наши утренние молитвы проходят со вторника по пятницу в 9 утра по адресу: 9719 Lincoln village dr, Sacramento 95827.
In 2 days !!
Let’s gather and worship the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Christ Jesus 🙌
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Those of you whose children attend NEOS Youth and Young Adults, please watch this video from Pastor Sergei Kucher for some changes that are to taking place.
Also, please vote on the post on what day would you like Youth to be happening that it’s more convenient for you.
Thank you!

Эта информация для родителей, чьи дети посещают NEOS Youth, а также молодежное служение. Пожалуйста, посмотрите видео от пастора Сергея Кучера. У нас будут проходить малые группы еженедельно. И один раз в месяц будет проходить служение. Пожалуйста, выберите день, который подходит для вас, чтобы мы могли проводить служение. Спасибо.
What day for NEOS YTH?
Anonymous Poll
Our morning prayers are from Tuesdays through Friday at 9 am at KDC location.

Наши утренние молитвы проходят со вторника по пятницу в 9 утра, 9719 Lincoln Village Dr, Sac-to.
Flame of Fire Church pinned «What day for NEOS YTH?»
Hello friends! During the fasting days (Feb 1-3), at 7pm we will be gathering at KDC auditorium for worship and prayer. Let’s join together as we turn our attention to the Lord and pursue His heart and perfect will!

9719 Lincoln Village Dr
Sacramento, CA
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Good morning friends! We are so excited to start this fast together. Please watch the video to get some encouragement from pastor Andrey

Доброе утро друзья! Мы так ради начать этот пост вместе. Пожалуйста, посмотрите видео от пастора Андрея.
Good morning FFM family!
Today is our last day of our 3 days of fasting and prayer! We have morning prayer at 9 am and Behold service at 7 pm at KDC location.
Let’s praise our Lord Jesus, let’s give thanks to the Lord “ for He is good and His love endures forever”
Dear Flame of Fire Church, this Sunday February 5th the KDC students going to Ethiopia will be doing a bake sale to raise funds for the trip. They will be making homemade food such as, Plov, pastries, smoked salmon and bread. Thank you all in advance for your love and support. We look forward to seeing you Sunday!

Дорогая церковь «Пламя огня», в это воскресенье, 5 февраля, студенты, которые едут в Эфиопию, проведут распродажу выпечки, на поездку. Они будут готовить домашнюю еду, будет плов, выпечку, копченая рыба и хлеб. Заранее всем спасибо за вашу любовь и поддержку. Мы с нетерпением ждем встречи с вами в воскресенье!