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Forwarded from COVID19TruthGroup (admin")
#Butar is #ControlledOpposition to support the basis of the lies that control us!

Just in that one short segment Controlled Opposition, Butar:
👉 Promotes the SARS CoV-2 virus as real
👉 Promotes "COVID deaths" as real
👉 Promotes pseudoscience about masks causing hypoxia (his "experiment" on Oxygen/CO2 was complete bullshit showing complete ignorance of the test equipment)
👉 Promotes the pseudoscience that if 1.8Ghz RF is bad, then 30-300Ghz is much much worse.

He has also promoted completely false pseudoscience on 5G in the past.
And he says he is not against vaccines, he is all for "safe" vaccines.

t.me/Covid19Truth and t.me/Covid19TruthGroup

#5GControlledOpposition #VirologyControlledOpposition #VaccineControlledOpposition