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Top Five Strike Price changes last night! Had a feeling we would see some moves in the July 2021 Calls, the 40K OI Level is up 27.66% from yesterday.
The 40K 2021-07-30 Call is climbing the Top Strike Prices today
40k July call rising on to the highest OI on the board today
The BTC Market has been bouncing back and forth the last week (Which was quiet)
OI sitting in DEC, JUL, SEPT in that order
But OI is at a low this year
Highest July Calls Now at 40K
The Highest Put has become tighter and Moved up from 25K to 30K
Spot Price is sitting right in the middle and boucing back and forth...
July 30th Bitcoin Contract - We have been watching the 45K Call be the Highest OI Call in the market until today when it dipped down to a level similar to the highest OI Put at 30K.

The 200K DEC Call is now the highest OI
#BTC and #altcoin Markets have been on a steady decline since earlier this year...Find this Total Hash Rate Chart to be quite interesting went from 200M down to about 50 and seems so be turning around after network difficulty levels dropped, cool to see the machine run itself...
Spot Moves lower over the last two days - in the Options Market the 20K and 22K Puts in the DEC31-2021 contract have been rising up the board, interesting to see.