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Dear investors! โค๏ธ
We are glad to announce an important event! ๐ŸŒ

Today โ€” 06.23.19 Is official start of the platform exima.trade ๐Ÿ›ซ

ะกontract for participation in the "Aggressive" plan signed succesifuly. โœจ

Before investing, check the smart contractโ€™s addresses on official site (https://exima.trade).

We ask you follow instructions exactly and wish you a grate profit deposits. ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿš€

Join the project community in international chat, discuss and share your impressions.
To guarantee the receipt of dividends from the work of Exima, each investor is obliged to follow these instructions, their observance guarantees the investor an everyday profit.

In the case of non-compliance with these conditions, you have risk lose your investment funds without returning.

- Users should invest from self cryptocurrency addresses (you have full access to this wallet);
- Cryptocurrency addresses of users should be static and not one-time;
- In the case of investing below the limit, you have risks losing founds;
The minimum investment amount is $50 for ETH or $150 for BTC;
- Technical support of the project willn't be able to help you in case of non-observance of these simple rules;

We recommend use wallets:
Truly decentralized investment in the project Exima Trade

All investors who are already our depositors, in a few days will experience a feeling of satisfied perfectionist, when dividends will be credited to their smart-contract addresses automatically, without wasting time on registration in your account and waiting for the withdrawal of dividends. Interaction with contract completely anonymously,without the payment of any of the packages and a variety of rates.

Algorithm of payment of dividends is in the code contract and is subject only to them.

With a single button and a personal cryptocurrency address, everyone can find a convenient and automated tool for earning, which will accept and accrue dividends even with a massive DOSS attack.

Security and stability will provide a smart contract, and Exima permanent income!

Exima Trade - the first smart smart contracts for Bitcoin.
You just can't miss it!
Tomorrow our first depositors will receive their first dividends!๐Ÿคค

Project managers Exima Trade are looking forward to this day when our child will be able to show You the automation and ease of investment. This You have not seen!
Just one button separates people from their cherished dreams or goals. Isn't that cool?

We hope that our team managed to create a truly new and necessary investment solution that will be available to absolutely everyone.

The smart contracts you saw before Exima were fundamentally wrong in their logic. A smart contract does not need a buffer on which it will transfer dividends.
From what it was not necessary to use Ethereum technology and smart contract.

We saw in smart contracts a new investment solution primarily for people, a solution that will remove a person's control, his chronic thirst for profit and the acquisition of power over his associates. By eliminating the human factor and putting everything on algorithms, and an anonymous contract that is not subject to adjustment or stopping, will create an environment in which investment capital will not be under the control of the company's management, beneficiaries and specific people.

No one can influence payments and recklessly spend investors ' money and their dividends.

From a security point of view, a smart contract is a bulwark. After its launch, no one can affect its operation, for example, site exima.trade is subject to DDOS attack from the first hours of launch, even if the payments were daily, the smart contract would pay dividends and accept deposits in normal mode, without a working site.

This is achieved due to the fact that there is no buffer between the investor and the smart contract, where his dividends would settle, because no one will cancel the transaction in the blockchain.

The technology on which the Exima Trade contract is written is anonymous and multicurrency, so Exima

This is the first smart contract for Bitcoin.

Try it, you are separated by only one step!
Bitcoin - $12357 โค
The contract was executed the first transaction!

We congratulate our first depositors, now you can check the information on your address on the main page of the site by clicking the CheckMyAdress Button

Never before has investing in the Internet was not so easy!
Why doesn't Exima Trade contract pay dividends every day?

Many people ask us this question in support of the project, decided to explain to all our investors. The possibility of daily accrual of dividends to the personal addresses of investors is possible, provided that the minimum transactions of the smart contract will be at least 0.0008 BTC and 0.006 ETH, in other words, the minimum Deposit amount for Bitcoin should be at least 0.044 BTC.

We managed to reduce the minimum Deposit amount by making payments 1 time in 3 days. However, many investors did undiscovered deposits. When You send an amount less than recommended by the contract, your transaction is not processed and does not activate the Deposit, it is lonely waiting for You to write to the support team to return it and try again.

Yesterday the project worked 10 reverse transactions, the contract works like a Swiss watch!

Remember, if You have created a Deposit from projects: CoinBase, Poloniex, CoinPayments and other exchanges, and centralized sites, the Exima Trade Project management will not be able to help You get your money back. A real smart contract does not forgive mistakes!

Invest only from wallets:


Join the new generation of investment solutions!
New week, new news of Exima Trade project!

On Saturday, the smart contract added another dividend to the addresses of investors. The contract works perfectly and is ready to process even more transactions. We heartily congratulate our participants with the new payment and wish everyone further profit in the first decentralized project Exima Trade. Thank you for choosing us!

The project is gaining momentum, the team is very pleased with the interest shown to us by investors and we will soon be ready to make the first updates to the project.

Rus localization will be added to the project website for our Russian-speaking audience. We have already started the development of the information telegram bot. It will help the investor to receive a report on the EXIMA algorithm directly to the telegram. The bot will notify all subscribers when Exima will replenish the Fund of the contract, and You will be able to pass an interactive instruction that will allow you not to make mistakes when working with The EXIMA Trade contract

In addition to adding a new language on the site, an interactive Advisor will be added, which will clearly show how our project works!

Join our CHAT to discuss the project with the same wonderful people!
Good day, dear investors.

Today, the next round of payments smart contract Exima,
we congratulate our participants on this event and wish them further profit in the first decentralized Exima Trade project

By the beginning of the next week, the trading report of the Exima algorithm will be published, do not miss this event.

Exima team leaves for the weekend, the project support service will work normally.

Have a nice holiday this weekend, see you next week!
On the project site added tips.

This plugin will help investors to understand how the project works and not to make mistakes at the initial stage.๐Ÿ‘
The first updates in the first decentralized Exima Trade project!

Dear investors, we are glad to inform you about innovations in the Exima Trade project. The Russian language has been added to the platform, now it will be easier for our investors from Russia to work with the project and it's great!

On Monday 15.07 will be published the first financial report of our algorithm Exima.

Thank you for choosing us, we wish you a pleasant weekend!