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Official news channel of the Everprove app, a smart document archivation platform powered by distributed ledger technology
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Everprove founder Szabolcs will speak at Decentral Days in Mallorca next week. Come and say hi to him if you are around!
Everprove App is in the works. Come and check our new website everprove.com. More info coming soon. #everprove #blockchain #DigitalSignature #eidas #contracts
Private Blockchain vs Private Database

Here are some very interesting thoughts from the original White Paper of Multichain on the above topic:

"If mining is restricted to certain entities, one might question the advantage of a private blockchain over a centralized database which accepts incoming transactions, resolves disputes, and answers queries regarding the database’s state. The answer is threefold:
● Each participant retains full control over its assets via their private key. Even miners cannot create transactions that spend another party’s funds.
● Control of the database is distributed across many entities, so that no individual or small group can unilaterally decide which transactions are valid or will be confirmed.
● Superior robustness, since the disappearance or malfunctioning of one server will not affect the continued processing of transactions by the network as a whole."

#blockchain #database
Excited about taking part on the CESA National Award Ceremony tomorrow. Let's see what it holds for us :) #everprove #blockchain #digitalsignature #startup #awards #cesa
All #contracts signed and registered in the #Everprove Ledger will be legally valid and enforceable in #Arizona, US.

On March 29, 2017, the Arizona Electronic Transactions Act was amended to add Az. Rev. Stat. § 44-7061, which specifically deems (i) a "signature secured through blockchain technology" to be an electronic signature, (ii) a "record or contract secured through #blockchain technology" to be an #electronic form or record, and (iii) a "smart contract" to be legally valid and enforceable.
Stock certificates created, signed and registered on the Everprove Ledger will be legally valid and enforceable in Delaware, US.

On August 1, 2017, Sections 219, 224 and 232(c) of the Delaware General Corporation Law were amended to expressly permit Delaware corporations to put stock ledgers on "distributed electronic networks or databases."

#everprove #blockchain #ledger #delaware #technology
All contracts created, signed and registered in the Everprove Ledger will be deemed as legal electronic records in Nevada, US.

On June 5, 2017, the Nevada Uniform Electronic Transactions Act was amended to specifically define "blockchain" and deem blockchain records to be electronic records.

#everprove #blockchain #contract #digitalsignature
Contracts and documents created, signed and stored on the Everprove Ledger will be legal electronic records in Tennessee, US.

On March 22, 2018, the Tennessee Uniform Electronic Transactions Act was amended to deem records secured through distributed ledger technology to be an electronic record and to deem a "cryptographic signature that is generated and stored through distributed ledger technology ... to be an electronic signature."

#everprove #ledger #contracts #blockchain
Zoltan will hold a presentation at the CryptoFin Conference in Tallinn next Monday, and will also participate in a panel on Tuesday. Let us know if you wish to sit down for a coffee in Tallinn. #everprove #blockchain #digitalsignature #startup
CryptoFinConf has been a great event in beautiful Tallinn. It was a pleasure to participate.

#everprove #digitalsignature #eidas #blockchain #startup
On October 30 - November 1, Zoltan will be speaking at Europe's Premier Blockchain Conference, Decentralized 2019, in Athens, Greece.

If you wish to join, use our promo code: zoltan20 for 20% discount on regular tickets.

Book your seat now at www.decentralized.com

#decentralized2019 #poweredbyunicbitshares #iff
We are attending Blockchain Finance Forum today in Vienna. Ping us, lets have a chat. #everprove #vienna #blockchain
Our colleague Marci won this award yesterday for Everprove. Congrats Marci, go Everprove, see you all in Malta next week!
Meet us at AIBC Summit this week. Our colleagues Mocsonoky Marci and Szabolcs Hargittay will be among the speakers and you may also find us in our booth. Looking forward to meeting you!
AIBC Malta has been an awesome experience. Szabolcs and Marci made a lot of valuable connections, thans for everyone saying hi to our team.
We are en-route to the Bay Area. See you tomorrow, happy to chat about immutable contract archivation and digital signatures.
We are at booth 119 at Blockchain Expo North America. Come and say hi!