Information letter for holders of ERTC's valuable ASSETS

The Georgian stock exchange JSE has postponed the issue of ERTC shares due to the Covid-19 situation. At the moment, the documents on registration of the promotion are evaluated positively by international financial institutions.

Sincerely, Genesis 2.0
📣 ERTCoin exchange rate change 08/11/2020

🌎 Cost of 1 ERTCoin changed from 33.30 to 38.81 EUR
ERTC pinned «📣 ERTCoin exchange rate change 08/11/2020 🌎 Cost of 1 ERTCoin changed from 33.30 to 38.81 EUR»

We continue the process of creating an international universal electronic payment system.

By the end of January we plan to launch the Electronic Payment System, at the first stage the EPS will be based on fiat currencies, but at the next stage in the foreseeable future is the connection of ERTCoin.
This year was a year of patience, strength, hope and changes!

In 2020, we once again realized how important health is, and how necessary it is to take care of others.

The year 2020 has revealed many new trends, the most important and global of which is online education.

In 2020, we have seen the fundamental structures — the banking and public sectors-falter for the first time.

In 2020, we became stronger and more experienced, we fought against windmills, we fought against government structures, we laid new roads and formed an entire industry... Moreover, a new doctrine in the world of finance.

The year 2020 has been incredibly challenging for us, and we are grateful for the experience we have gained, for every day that we have worked together to develop the project — bringing the day closer when the world will be able to use the ERTC project to its full potential.

We are looking forward to 2021, because it promises to be a year of achievements and a year of success!

The Genesis Team
📣 ERTCoin exchange rate change 05/03/2021

🌎 Cost of 1 ERTCoin changed from 38.81 to 44.9 EUR
ERTC pinned «📣 ERTCoin exchange rate change 05/03/2021 🌎 Cost of 1 ERTCoin changed from 38.81 to 44.9 EUR»
Message from the ERTC tech team

At the moment, the platform is updating the blockchain and integrating payment instruments.

In this regard, in the near future, non-correct data displays in your personal accounts are possible.

Be patient and get ready to see the updated ERTC.
Today our close friends and partners — Technaxis celebrate their birthday

We thank the team for their help in developing and implementing our ideas and projects. We are proud to work with you side by side.

Happy birthday, guys! 🎉
30,000,000 m2 – such an area is validated in June 18, 2021 and the corresponding issue of ERTCoin is made.

For clarity, 30,000,000 m2 is:
15 areas of Monaco
68 Vatican squares
1/10 of Malta
0.00002% of the land is the area of the free zone in China, which has open access to Facebook and Twitter
The ERTC electronic payment system has been updated to version 2.0.

Starting from 27.06.2021, you can use the updated system.

System updates:
- Advanced statistics and history on validations, transactions and cashback for users
- Added a new currency
- The validation process has been accelerated thanks to a completely new blockchain that allows you to work with supermassive data in a short time
- Validation results have become more accurate due to working with vertices in a three-dimensional model of the Earth
- Optimized the ability to search by history in all sections
- Improved adaptation of all pages for mobile devices
- It is now possible to restore your personal account via email
- A more logical and intuitive interface has been developed that takes into account user requests
- New minimalistic design — more comfortable for work and perception
- Increased performance and transaction speed
- Fixed minor bugs in the software
- Improved protection and security measures
ERTC Development News

At the moment, the adjustment of some elements of the blockchain has begun, technical updates will be loaded to the platform in the next 30 minutes. In this regard, there may be limitations to some sections of the site.
ERTC Development News

At the moment, some of updates will be loading to the platform. In this regard, there may be limitations to some sections of the site.
News about the issue of ERTC shares

We are preparing the issue and open saling of shares through an official broker licensed in the country.

There are only 6 verified brokers with a license operating in the country, and we have chosen one of the most recommended — (Caucasus Capital Group is one of the leading investment firms in Georgia (regulated by the National Bank of Georgia, license N200247)

Today there is a discussion about all the stages and nuances of the procedure. Six months after the launch of sales, the listing and publication of shares on the Georgian Stock Exchange is scheduled.
ERTC Development News

Some system updates will be uploaded from 13:00 to 17:00. Due to this, some functions and pages may be unavailable during this time.
🔴 19.01.2022

1 ERTCoin — 45.10 EUR
Dear Friends! We have updated the ways of buying/selling ERTCoin!

Now the process is faster, even safer and easier.

Enjoy using 🌎🖤
🔴 Good afternoon, friends!

On May 11, starting from 14:00, we will perform technical work.

We are testing online payments and parsing for the ERTCoin rate...

Thank you for being with us, all the best!


❤️ Bonjour les amis!

Le 11 mai, à partir de 14h00, nous effectuerons des travaux techniques.

Nous testons les paiements en ligne et l'analyse du taux ERTCoin…

Merci d'être avec nous, tout le meilleur!
❤️Maintenance report!

To date, the loading of the front-end servers has been completed.
We continue to work on the blockchain side!

Thank you!