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Meet some of the speakers at Restaking & Infra Day during Token2049.

Top experts that are going to help you understand the future of the restaking and it’s role in the Web3 infrastructure:

Saniya More, Research & Writing @ Taiko
Nader Dabit, Director of DevR @ EigenLayer
Denis Fadeev, Head of Developer Experience @ ZetaChain
Anurag Arjun, Co-Founder @ Avail
Jon Kol, Co-Founder @ Hyperlane

📅April 16, Dubai

Tickets are limited. Get yours here!
Meet the second part of the speaker's lineup at Restaking & Infra Day during Token2049!

Here are the top experts in the field:

Brian Gallagher, Co-Founder @ Partisia Blockchain
Sergej Kunz, Co-founder @ 1inch
Eowyn Chen, CEO @ Trust Wallet
Mo Dong, Co-founder @ Brevis
Mikhil Pandey, Co-founder and CSO @ Persistence One
Keshav Pandya, COO & Co-Founder @ Zeebu

📅April 16, Dubai

Tickets are limited. Get yours here!
Gm folks!

The Restaking & Infra Day is going as planned!

We have a full day packed with quality content and networking.

​​We also have coworking space and meeting rooms in case you have a private meeting. And enough food to survive all day :)

Be safe from the storm with us!
Tuesday event was a blast!

🚀Despite the storm, we had over 500 guests! We did not even have enough badges for all the people coming. Thank you all for visiting us!

🌞All (almost) speakers made it to the event!

🤽We’ve had a great venue with the pool! Sadly, all of Dubai was a pool that day, so no one swam.

Have a great Token2049 week! See you next in Brussels, on July 9!
The future of data availability: 4 insights from Anurag Arjun, co-founder of Avail!

🧮The DA is becoming commonised: DA will become a basic and essential feature, so widely available and inexpensive that it won't serve as a competitive advantage.

📊The market is saturated: Many DA solutions are on the market, making DA more accessible and less costly.

💰Cost is not a game changer: Since low-cost DA will be common and not a unique selling point, it’s important to what companies can provide on top of the DA. Simply being a low-cost doesn’t mean you will win.

🏔Data availability projects need to provide more: The real value for companies will come from what additional services they can offer on top of the basic DA layer. For example, Avail Nexus and Fusion have the strategy to enable scalable DA and unify various blockchain rollups into a framework that simplifies user interactions.

Listen to the full podcast here:
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3 major roadblocks to DeFi adoption by institutions - from Andrei Duma, Head of DeFi @ LI.FI

🤓It’s confusing - why do users need three separate accounts for different chains just to buy a token on chain B? Coming from a traditional banking background, institution people expect to manage everything easily through phone or app, not juggle multiple platforms. It's not user-friendly.

😕It’s hard to use - It's a lot of clicks that can mess up things and you can get hacked. You can send the money to the wrong address.

🙀It's scary - there is a lack of clear regulations and it’s easy to mess up something
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Presenting L2con during EthCC!

​Join the biggest conference dedicated to Ethereum Layer 2 Scaling solutions.

Developer-focused event with ​55+ top speakers, whaaat?!

Web3 developers, founders, researchers, and enthusiasts are welcome!

📅July 9, Brussels

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300+ resources that every Web3 builder should follow to succeed during the bull.

12 categories including:
Twitter accounts
Youtube channels

Only useful channels, curated every month by our team.

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We made a folder with top Web3 channels: from news to research and the latest big deals.

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Meet the person, creating the future of safe Web3 - Dr. Martin Derka!

Martin is a co-founder @ Zircuit, zk rollup with parallelized circuits and AI-enabled security.

Don't miss his keynote at L2con!

📅July 9, Brussels, EthCC

Book spot here:
Lagrange Labs got $13.2M during their seed round last week. The company is creating zk-coprocessor, which is said to "unlock new data-intensive and cross-chain applications".

To understand this tech and how it got so much cash, we decided to dive into the zk-coprocessor field.

🖥What is zk-copressor?
A coprocessor is a microprocessor designed to supplement the capabilities of a primary processor. In this case, the primary processor is Ethereum.

Essentially it takes tensive computations off-chain and generates ZK proofs of the result to bring back on-chain

📊Practical Applications
Instead of building blockchains on top of blockchains, Web3 can pursue an even more modular approach to scaling by breaking away even more components, such as DA, consensus, state, and more.

This provides companies with a flexible and dynamic solution space for scaling blockchains

Innovations in the ZK space, specifically multi-chain verification, as well as improved ZK performance, will enable projects to really expand the solution space for coprocessors.

The future that RISC Zero (another zk-project) imagines is a universal ZK layer, one that connects and translates consensus states, DA, across a whole variety of blockchains.

In the future, it can connect it to Web2, bringing in off-chain identity, healthcare records, defence tech, AI.
Yoo folks, our co-founder Alex will be speaking about careers in Web3 on May 30th!

Join us to secure your on-chain future💕
Forwarded from WORK[IN]CRYPTO
Hi everyone! Exciting news ahead! 📢

We're thrilled to announce a stream coming your way on May 30th at 12 PM CET, right here on the channel! 🎥

Join us as we dive deep into the realm of Web3 careers and explore the fascinating journey of transitioning from other industries. 🌐 Our special guest, Alexey, will share his personal story, challenges, and benefits in making the switch. 💼

Find out the good and bad sides of working in Web3! We'll talk about real-life examples, think about the advantages and disadvantages, and try to predict what the future jobs in Web3 will be like. 🚀🔮

And you know what? Stay with us until the end for an exciting quiz where you have the chance to get a cool PRIZE! 🏆

Click here to mark your calendar for May 30th. See you there! 🗓🚀

Written by Jasmeen

This is not a clickbait post, but an invitation to listen to Jon Stephens, Co-Founder & CTO @ Veridise with the keynote “Lessons from the Auditing Trenches: What do ZK Developers get Wrong?”

📅July 9, Brussels, L2con

Grab your ticket here: