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Ya'll, we did it! ENVY Tokens have been minted!
If you have any fun ideas for use cases for this, let us know! We'll be announcing some ideas on this soon. Have a good day!
Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments to posts from now on! If you have any thoughts for use cases for the ENVY token, let us know here!
I should have shared this earlier, but we were kindly gifted a fantastic gif by @TheCardanoArmy on twitter. Check it out and give them a follow if you want to see more of their awesome work! They are a great supporter of growing single stake pools.
Catalyst voting begins today!
Fund7️⃣ Voting - Here We Come! 🗳

🛫 Jan 20, 2022 @11:00 UTC - VOTING START
🛬 Feb 3, 2022 @11:00 UTC - VOTING END

⚠️ Note: Please, reinstall your voting app now + re-scan your QR codes to make sure you have your app fully ready & synced!

Casting votes can be an intimidating task 😱 knowing there are so many proposals out there that are competing for your attention & votes.

PRO TIP: One of the easiest ways how to start browsing is via this community made voter tool that enables just that. It allows you to track, review, and easily make sense of what's available on the voting ballot. Give it a try! 💯

Have doubts? Questions? Got you. There's an updated All-You-Need-To-Know Reddit post that has it all (well maybe). Follow this link here: https://bit.ly/Fund7-Voting-Open 🤝
Hope everyone is having an awesome day today! Really grateful to be in this space with you all. Please feel free to message me if you want to chat about anything or have questions! 🙏
Hey everyone! We're going to be setting up a Discord group chat as well in order to allow for more communication between delegators and ENVY. I'll keep you posted on when that is ready, however if you have any other thoughts as to changes you'd like to see please let us know here in the comments! We're all growing together in this space, so happy to have your input! Have a blessed day/night!!
Hey everyone! I've been pretty busy the last few days trying to set up a private relay that can be used as a custom API for sending transactions. This may be especially useful during times of high congestion on the blockchain, so if you're interested, check it out here: https://www.envystakepool.com/post/freeloaderz-submit-api-service
Happy Monday!
Also, I am hoping to open up a discord channel later today, so stay tuned!
Another update, I'll be looking into using ADASeal pool's token distribution platform to distribute these long awaited ENVY tokens. Apologies for the delay but I have not heard back from DripDropz about distributing it on their platform yet, so we'll be looking into other options. So hopefully update soon on that front!
ENVY Tokens will begin distribution beginning next epoch!
Hey @everyone! ENVY has been selected to be one of the SPOs for the ZiberBugs ISPO, starting this epoch 340 - 350. 10,000 Ziber Tokens will be distributed amongst delegators of ZiberBugs-participating SPOs. Check out the our recent tweet below for more information!