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News about current Envestio Situation
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- As of today Envestio website and blog are down. Envestio claimed yesterday beeing under hackers attack.
- People report Envestio is not answering phone - emails
- Withdrawals seem to be still blocked
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Forwarded from Guillermo
this is a message in case you want to pin it. European Crowdlending Network (ECN) has advised ALL ENVESTIO INVESTORS to please contact the police: politsei.ee/en

On top of this, if you want also to be considered for a common law action (similar to what is been done for Kuetzal) please check this:
Forwarded from J.
Report as individual... more signals make more noise:

Mention the known bank-accounts for Envestio:
LV67 BLIB 1001 0284 9000 1
EE08 2200 2210 6892 8204
LV49 MULT 1010 A442 7001 0
EE83 1010 2202 6887 3221
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Police report template
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active loan projects on Envestio_January 19th 2020.txt
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Hey guys, here's a document that might be helpful in the case. It's a list of all active loan projects on Envestio as of January 19th. So, just 2 days before Envestio went offline. Not sure who is manging document storage/collection here. Feel free to use this file and upload it to a collective google drive if sth like that exists. cheers, Marian
Forwarded from John Doe
Envestio funding for the legal case is ongoing! You need to sign up in google forms: https://forms.gle/uboMFYx7H9goACeH6

And then make a contribution in gofundme:


If you have any issues donating it may be due to gofundme restrictions for few locations.

Are the moment +/- 500 people donated the sum of 21K. So more than a 1000 people still need to pitch in. Please do so! We need to start the fight!!
Forwarded from Ana
Hi all,

after a long night yesterday and morning today, I did all my best to organise all the “validated” information we have about Envestio and all that happened during the last weeks.

I think it is a good starting point, at least it is helping me to better understand what happened and to brainstorm ideas about what we can do next. But there is much more to be done

I know also there are other documents that have been shared with information, I mention them in this dossier.

We are starting to organise, with the Guillermo initiative to hire a lawyer which I think its great.

But I also think we can be more powerful if we collaborate more, for instance, by working on the different parts of this dossier in teams, together. We need to build useful knowledge and intelligence from all the information and data that we have.

Because that will help our lawyer, the police and the media to save time gathering information and to give them clues to help us.

That’s why I have also created the email account envestioscam@gmail.com.

Please, read the first page of the dossier carefully to understand how the information is organised and how I suggest you to collaborate.



All my best,