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Hello there and welcome to ENGREMA.

I will start with a little introduction of what we are and what we are going to do.

Engrema is a blockchain solution that aims on improving the payment system and make it faster than it is right now and we envision to do it through cryptocurrency, that is why we created Engrema Token. We are aiming to launch the Engrema Blockchain in Q4-2018 or Q1-2019. It is currently in test phase. Moving to what will happen in the coming days. Our ICO or you can call it a Pre-ICO will start on 7th July, 2018 12:00 GMT and is most likely to commence on 15th July, 2018 00:00 GMT.
Although, if the softcap is not reached till 15th July, we will extend it further.
Here are a few details about the Pre-ICO:

Website: Engremacoin.com

Token Name: Engrema

Token Ticker: EGR

Protocol: ERC20

Total Supply: 9,000,000 EGR

Tokens Available for Sale: 6,000,000 EGR

Tokens Reserved for Developers: 2,100,000 EGR(Locked for first 2 years)

Softcap: $1m or 2,500,000 EGR Sold

Hardcap: $2.1m or 6,000,000 EGR Sold

Whitepaper: http://engremacoin.com/ENGREMA-Whitepaper_v1.pdf

Token Price Timeline:

upto 2,000,000 EGR
1EGR = 0.00036ETH or 0.000025BTC

from 2,000,001 to 3,000,000 EGR
1EGR = 0.00072ETH or 0.000050BTC

from 3,000,001 to 4,000,000 EGR
1EGR = 0.00096ETH or 0.000067BTC

from 4,000,001 to 5,000,000 EGR
1EGR = 0.00122ETH or 0.000084BTC

from 5,000,001 to 6,000,000 EGR
1EGR = 0.00145ETH or 0.0001BTC

Note: 900000EGR are reserved for Bounty Campaigns. The Bounty Campaign will start in a few days.
How To Buy?
You can follow steps on our website: engremacoin.com or You can send us an email at info@engremacoin.com with following details:

ERC20 Compatible Wallet Address:
Desired Way To Buy (ETH or BTC):

After that, you will receive a followup mail within a few minutes, providing you with the current token price and a unique deposit address.
You then need to send us the Transaction ID and we will send you the tokens immediately after we receive confirmations.
Please give it upto 24 hours. In case it takes more than that, contact us at support@engremacoin.com or PM any of the telegram community chat admins. They will assist you.
We are in talks with 3 exchanges to list ENGREMA right after the Pre-ICO and we have an almost finalised deal with 2 of them. We will use the Pre-ICO funds to list on the exchanges and start a marketting campaign to boost the value of the token.

You can join our Telegram Community Chat at t.me/engremacommunitychat.

Feel free to ask questions in the Community Chat, we would be more than happy to answer.

Alan Frost
Hey there! Good news. We have finalized talks with one of the exchanges. We will soon reveal the name of the exchange after everything is on the floor.

The PRE-ICO will start on 7th July, 2018 12:00GMT as scheduled.

Alan Frost,
Hello Everyone, just wanted to make the quick announcement that we are now listed on TrackICO.io.
We have already applied to be listed on more ICO sites. Stay tuned.

Engrema Team
Important Announcement

As a part of promotional campaign and bounty, we have decided to award 50EGR(Worth around 35$) to the first 1000 people each who will join our Telegram Announcement Channel and Telegram Community Chat and stay till the end of the ICO.

All You Have To Do Is:

Send an email to bounty@engremacoin.com after you have joined our Telegram Community Chat and Announcement Channel with the following details,

- Telegram Username
- ERC20 Compatible Wallet Address (METAMASK OR MYETHERWALLET).

Telegram Community Chat
Telegram Announcement Channel

Website Link
Whitepaper Link


Engrema Team

(Spread the word)
Alan Frost - CEO Engrema:
Please send your Telegram Username and ERC20 Compatible Wallet Address (Myetherwallet or Metamask) to bounty@engremacoin.com to get the free 50EGR Bonus. Hurry, it's only available for first 1000 Telegram members. Failing to do so, you will be ineligible to get the bonus.

The Pre-ICO will start on schedule from 7th July, 2018 12:00PM GMT and will end on 7th August, 2018 00:00PM GMT. We have decided to give 15% Bonus for the first 2M Coins Purchases. Remember that this is the only Bonus we are providing and there would be no other bonuses on top of it.
*We do not support the referral system as it has already hurt the industry indicating the projects to be MLM or Ponzi Schemes.*
Pre-ICO Start Date: 7th July, 2018 12:00PM GMT

Price Per EGR: 0.000025BTC or 0.00036ETH

Bonus: 15% (for first 2M Coins)

Total Coins for Sale: 6M

Total Supply: 9M

Circulating Supply: 6M

Token Ticker: EGR

Token Type: ERC20 Smart Contract

Registration Required: No

Accepted Currencies: BTC or ETH

Where to buy: Engremacoin.com

How to Buy: Mentioned on Engremacoin.com

Note: The bonus is only for the first 2M coins sold. There will be no other bonuses in other tiers.

For Support: Email at Support@engremacoin.com
We are having a minor issue with the hosting provider as they are upgrading their services. It will take only about an hour more. The site might become slow for some. Will update once it's back to normal.

Team Engrema
Good news. The website is all up and running good.

Team Engrema
The Pre-ICO is going to start in about 17 hours.

Price: 0.000025BTC/EGR or 0.00036ETH/EGR

Bonus: 15% (on first 2M coins)

Total coins for sale: 6M

Next price: 0.000050BTC/EGR or 0.00072ETH/EGR (from 2,000,001 to 3,000,000 EGR)

We got a couple of good news as well. We will reveal them after the start of Pre-ICO tomorrow.

Team Engrema
Pre-ICO has now officially started.

Price: 0.000025BTC/EGR or 0.00036ETH/EGR

Bonus: 15% (first 2M coins)

Visit Engremacoin.com to buy now.

Next price: 0.00005BTC/EGR or 0.00072ETH/BTC

For support: support@engremacoin.com

How to Buy:

Send your -
Erc20 Wallet Address
Desired way of buying (btc or eth)

To - info@engremacoin.com

Team Engrema
Good News #1:

We are going to be listed on Coinexchange after the Pre-ICO is over.