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πŸ’ŽIdiom of the day:

An act of God


an instance of uncontrollable natural forces in operation.


✏️Why wasn't there any warning before the floods?
- Well, it isn't easy to predict that kind of act of God, is it?

β€œThe past is a place of reference, not a place of residence;
the past is a place of learning,
not a place of living.”

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πŸ’ŽBe soft.
Do not let the world make you hard.
Do not let the pain make you hate.
Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.


πŸ“šknow (someone or something) inside out

✏️Meaning: To know everything or nearly about someone or something;
to be thoroughly familiar with someone or something.

❇️ Ex: I've read this book so many times that I know it inside out.

❇️ Ex: If you study this material for weeks, you'll know it inside out by the test date.

❇️ Ex: I just think you should know a person inside out before you decide to marry them.

πŸ“š Try to get fresh with someone (informal)

✏️This expression is mostly used in informal contexts; many people consider it to be slang.
When you β€˜get fresh with someone’, you behave rather arrogantly with the person. You don’t show the respect the individual deserves. When a woman accuses a man of getting fresh with her, it means he is behaving in an inappropriate manner. People who are accused of getting fresh have overstepped the boundaries of acceptable behaviour.

❇️ Ex: Don't get fresh with me. do as you are told.

❇️ Ex: The secretary accused the boss of getting fresh with her.

✏️Idiomatic pairs

❇️ Little by little
(Gradually or slowly)
"Little by little his health improved and he was able to walk further."

❇️ Again and again
"I've told you again and again to keep your room tidy. you don't listen."

❇️ All in all
(Taking everything into consideration)
"All in all, it was a successful holiday in spite of some scary moments."


πŸ“šWager (n,v) /weΙͺdΚ’Ι™(r)/

✏️Meaning: bet, gamble

Ex: he wagered five dollars on the White horse.

Ex: Nicole laid a wager of ten dollars on the race.

πŸ“šRest assured

✏️Meaning: be certain, don't be worried, go on being sure.

Ex: Rest assured we will not stop.

Ex: Rest assured your money is safe.

Ex: Rest assured no one is in any real danger.


πŸ“š Indigent /ΙͺndΙͺdΚ’Ι™nt/
(n, adj)

✏️ Meaning: poor person, one who lacks money and other basic necessities.

Ex: We must help the indigents.

Ex: A group of indigents gathered in front of the office.

πŸ“š Put someone through hell

Meaning: to give someone a very difficult or unpleasant time.

Ex: Her family say the girl has put them through hell since the incident.

πŸ“š Knock it off (informal)

✏️Meaning: to tell someone to stop doing something that one finds annoying or foolish.

❇️ Ex: If you don't knock it off I'm going to tell mom what you're doing.

❇️ Ex: I already told you to knock it off once, don't make me say it again or you'll be grounded.

❇️ Ex: Let me go downstairs and tell the kids to knock it off.


πŸ“šgo out on a limb

✏️Meaning:If you go out on a limb, you do something or say something that is different from what most people do or say and is therefore risky.

❇️ Example:

 πŸ“ŽHe does not want to go out on a limb and try something completely new.

 πŸ“ŽThere's nothing wrong with politicians going out on a limb sometimes and risking their reputation


πŸ“š To have a bun in the oven (informal)

✏️ Meaning: to be pregnant, expecting a baby.

Ex: Rumor has it, she has a bun in the oven.

*🫐 Common Mistakes 🫐*


🟑 πŸ‘‰πŸ» Think of + *-ing*
❌I often think to go to England.
βœ… I often think of going to England.

🟠 πŸ‘‰ Tired of + *-ing*
❌The customer got tired to wait.
βœ… The customer got tired of waiting.

βšͺ πŸ‘‰ Used to + *-ing*
❌She's used to get up early.
βœ… She's used to getting up early.

🟣 πŸ‘‰ Avoid + *-ing*
❌You can't avoid to make mistakes.
βœ… You can't avoid making mistakes.

🟒 πŸ‘‰ Enjoy + *-ing*
❌I enjoy to play football.
βœ… I enjoy playing football.

πŸ”΅ πŸ‘‰ Excuse + *-ing*
❌Please excuse me to be so late.
βœ… Please excuse me being so late.

⚫ πŸ‘‰ Finish + *-ing*
❌Have you finished to speak?
βœ… Have you finished speaking?

#grammar #misused_forms #

☘ Eyeball sb β˜˜πŸ‘†

to stare at sb in an unpleasant way

❇ I'm not eyeballing you! It's the way I always look at people.

❇ Why are you eyeballing me! Guess you're itching for a fight!


πŸ“š Get the hang of sth (informal)

✏️Meaning: To learn the skills that are needed to do something.

Ex: He was finally getting the hang of his job.

Ex: She's getting the hang of driving.

πŸ“šrunner-up (noun)


✏️ Meaning: A competitor or team taking second place in a contest.

❇️"he was runner-up in the 200 m individual medley".