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باعث افتخار است که عرض شادباش و تبریک مارا زودتر از بهار طبیعت خدمتتان شرفياب شود ..‌.

🌸نامتان در اندیشه و مهرتان همیشه در قلب ماست🌸

🎈در واپسین روزهای پایانی سال جاری از خداوند امید و توفیق همراه صلابت و سلامتی برای شما و خانواده محترمتان خواهانیم 🎈

پيشاپيش سال نو را به شما و خانواده محترمتان تبریک عرض میکنیم

مرکز زبان آداک

Another year has passed, another year has come. I wish for you that, with every year, you achieve all of your dreams. May God pour love and care on you all. Happy New Year❤️
منابع self study برای آیلتس:
Level 1:
Basic Tactics for listening
Grammar Betty Azar , the RED one
Oxford word skills
The main course book: Bridge to IELTS , band 3 – 4

Level 2:
Listen Here
Developing tactics for listening
Grammar Betty Azar , the BLUE one, chapters 1 to 10
Focus on vocabulary , 1 the first half
The main course book: complete IELTS 4 – 5

Level 3:
Expanding tactics for listening
Grammar Betty Azar , the BLUE one , chapters 11 to 20
Focus on vocabulary1 , the second half
The main course book: complete IELTS 5 – 6.5

Level 4:
Focus on vocabulary 2
Complete IELTS 6.5 – 7.5
Cambridge 6 and 7

Level 5:
Destination C1 C2
Ready for IELTS
Cambridge 8,9,10,11,12,13
IELTS Plus 3
IELTS trainer
🔥عبارت های انگلیسی مربوط به عید نوروز

🔹The New Year is just around the corner.
🔸دیگر چیزی به تحویل سال نو نمانده است.
🔹paying & repaying visits.
🔸دید و بازدید
🔹Special traditions
🔸سنت های خاص
🔹To do spring cleaning
🔸خونه تکونی کردن
🔹The coming of the new year
🔸تحویل سال
🔹To celebrate
🔸جشن گرفتن
🔹Everlasting health
🔸سلامتی جاودانه
🔹To hold a reception
🔸برپاکردن مهمانی
🔹New Year's cash gift
🔸عیدی سال نو
The new year and Nowruz Festival is just around the corner. People do spring cleaning and buy new clothes before the coming of the new year. There are spcial traditions like holding receptions and paying and repaying visits. Children get New Year's Cash Gift and thank the beautiful spring.
An English dictionary is the most important thing that you will need when learning English.
Successful English learners use their dictionaries all the time — that’s how they learn
to use new words.
We recommend you:
It would be a good suggestion for those who are looking for an appropriate Eng --> Eng dictionary.

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*Useful information*

1. *PAN*
Permanent Account Number.

2. *PDF*
Portable Document format.

3. *SIM*
Subscriber Identity Module.

4. *ATM*
Automated Teller Machine.

5. *IFSC*
Indian Financial System Code.

6. *FSSAI(Fssai)*
Food Safety & Standards
Authority of India.

7. *Wi-Fi*
Wireless Fidelity.

Global Organization Of
Oriented Group
Language Of Earth.

9. *YAHOO*
Yet Another Hierarchical
Officious Oracle.

10. *WINDOW*
Wide Interactive Network
Development for
Office work Solution.

Oriented Machine.
Particularly United
and used under Technical
and Educational Research.

12. *VIRUS*
Vital Information
Resources Under Siege.

13. *UMTS*
Mobile Telecommunicati ons

14. *AMOLED*
Active-Matrix Organic Light-
Emitting diode.

15. *OLED*
Light-Emitting diode.

16. *IMEI*
International Mobile
Equipment Identity.

17. *ESN*
Serial Number.

18. *UPS*
Power Supply.

19. *HDMI*
Multimedia Interface.

20. *VPN*
Virtual Private Network.

21. *APN*
Access Point Name.

22. *LED*
Light Emitting Diode.

23. *DLNA*
Living Network Alliance.

24. *RAM*
Random Access Memory.

25. *ROM*
Read only memory.

26. *VGA*
Video Graphics Array.

27. *QVGA*
Quarter Video
Graphics Array.

28. *WVGA*
Wide video Graphics Array.

29. *WXGA*
Widescreen Extended
Graphics Array.

30. *USB*
Universal Serial Bus.

31. *WLAN*
Local Area Network.

32. *PPI*
Pixels Per Inch.

33. *LCD*
Liquid Crystal Display.

34. *HSDPA*
High Speed Down link
Aacket Access.

35. *HSUPA*
High-Speed Uplink
Packet Access.

36. *HSPA*
High Speed
Packet Access.

37. *GPRS*
General Packet
Radio Service.

38. *EDGE*
Enhanced Data Rates
for Globa Evolution.

39. *NFC*
Field Communication.

40. *OTG*

41. *S-LCD*
Super Liquid
Crystal Display.

42. *O.S*
Operating System.

43. *SNS*
Social Network Service.

44. *H.S*

45. *P.O.I*
Point Of Interest.

46. *GPS*
Positioning System.

47. *DVD*
Digital Video Disk.

48. *DTP*
Desk Top Publishing.

49. *DNSE*
Natural Sound Engine.

50. *OVI*
Ohio Video Intranet.

51. *CDMA*
Code Division
Multiple Access.

52. *WCDMA*
Wide-band Code
Division Multiple Access.

53. *GSM*
Global System
for Mobile Communications.

54. *DIVX*
Digital Internet
Video Access.

55. *APK*
Public Key.

56. *J2ME*
Java 2
Micro Edition.

57. *SIS*
Installation Source.

58. *DELL*
Digital Electronic
Link Library.

59. *ACER*
Experimentation Reflection.

60. *RSS*
Simple Syndication.

61. *TFT*
Thin Film Transistor.

62. *AMR*

63. *MPEG*
Moving Pictures
Experts Group.

64. *IVRS*
Voice Response System.

65. *HP*
Hewlett Packard.

*Do we know actual full form*
*of some words???*

66. *NEWS PAPER =*
North East West South
Past and Present
Events Report.

67. *CHESS =*

68. *COLD =*

69. *JOKE =*
Joy of Kids

70. *AIM =*
Ambition in Mind

71. *DATE =*
Day and Time Evolution.

72. *EAT =*
Energy and Taste.

73. *TEA =*
Taste and Energy

74. *PEN =*
Power Enriched in Nib.

75. *SMILE =*
Sweet Memories
in Lips Expression.

76. *ETC. =*
End of
Thinking Capacity.

77. *OK =*
Objection Killed.

78. *Or =*
Orl Korec
(Greek Word)

79. *Bye =*
Be with You Everytime.

*These meanings*
*as majority of us don't know*
Media is too big
چگونه وقتي يك انگليسي زبان سريع صحبت ميكند ، متوجه شويم،اين مسئله خيلي خيلي مهم هستش بچه ها، با دقت ببينيد.