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Если вы изучаете английский язык, очень важно использовать его на практике. Самый простой способ — читать небольшие тексты каждый день.
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​​About monday
#beginner, #facts

Nearly 50 percent of workers are late to work on a Monday.

Monday is commonly referred to as the "day of the suicide," the day of the week on which most people take their lives.

Productivity rate is below 30% among workers.

The name for Monday comes from the Old English word “Mōnandæg,” and the Middle English “Monenday.” It is originally a translation of Latin “dies lunae” meaning “day of the Moon".

The top five ways to get over that horrible Monday feeling is: 1. Watching TV, 2. Sex, 3. On-line shopping, 4. Buying chocolate or make-up and 5. Planning a holiday.
​​Are some things funny to all cultures?
#beginner, #humor

The International Society for Humor Studies’ website provides no information on the subject, while the list of jokes provided by the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor only made things worse. When I searched through categories of jokes on the internet, though, one thing stood out. Sadly, it was the ethnic joke, devoted to making the inhabitants of some other country appear inferior. Every country seems to have them, from English jokes about the Irish to French-speaking Canadians’ jokes about people from Newfoundland.

A typical joke about (a particular country) concerns their scientists who were building a rocket to fly to the Sun. When asked how they were going to cope with the Sun’s heat, they answered disdainfully, "We’re flying at night, of course".
​​If we’re ever able to make robots as intelligent as us, won’t forcing them to work for us be as bad as slavery(рабство)?
#intermediate, #future

In short: yes. International law on slavery currently(в настоящее время) applies to humans only, but if robots become as clever as us, then politicians would need to start thinking about tweaking(доработка) these laws to include robots, too.

We’d be foolish(было бы глупо) not to treat these robots with respect: history shows us that forcing labour(принуждение к работе) from our equals(равных) never ends well. Fortunately, the EU(Евроейский Союз) is already piloting ethical guidelines(этические принципы) for the use of AI software, so it’s likely that we would implement legislation(внедрять законы) to ensure the wellbeing(благополучие) of AIs with human intelligence. If we don’t, then they probably will!
“We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.” (John Dewey)

Что такое самооценка? Для чего нужна саморефлексия? Почему мы должны анализировать свой опыт обучения?

Чтобы узнать ответы на эти вопросы, приходите на бесплатный вебинар “Engaging in Reflective Practice and Self-Assessment” от Skyteach.

Спикер вебинара Микаэла Даскалу расскажет о влиянии самоанализа на результат процесса обучения и даст готовые инструменты для повышения его эффективности.

Вы научитесь:
◽️ с помощью самоанализа выявлять проблемы в образовательном процессе
◽️ применять наиболее эффективные методы решения этих проблем
◽️ внедрять техники саморефлексии в повседневную жизнь

Вебинар будет полезен и тем, кто занимается самообразованием, и преподавателям, методистам, репетиторам.

🎁 А по промокоду ENGREAD вы сможете бесплатно получить премиум-доступ к вебинару, в который входят: запись вебинара, сертификат участника и полезные материалы от спикера.

📆 27 октября в 19:00 МСК.
Вебинар пройдет на английском — заодно и язык подтянете;)
Регистрируйтесь бесплатно: https://skytea.ch/md7
​​How much money is estimated to exist on Earth?
#intermediate, #science

 As with so much in finance, the answer isn’t straightforward(прямой, простой). Economists distinguish(различать) between various types of money, ranging from individual savings deposits to the reserves held by central banks.

But taking ‘money’ to be coins and notes(монеты и бумажные т.е. наличные), statistics collated by the Swiss-based Bank for International Settlements suggests there’s over $6,000bn(6тыс миллиардов = 6 триллионов) worth of the stuff(ценны out there. This figure does not, however, include the vast amount believed to be lost down the back of the world’s sofas.
5 of the biggest hacks in recent memory
#intermediate, #life, #tech

chain - сеть, цепь
leak - утечка
obtained - получать

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Работаешь/учишься в IT, постоянно читаешь тех. документацию/статьи по программированию на английском и понимаешь, что пока это достаточно сложно делать из-за недостатка словарного запаса?

Тогда тебе сюда 👉👉👉 Fox from IT World
​​Today is Internet birthday
#intermediate, #history

The beginning of the Internet is the story of two large computers, miles apart, sending the message: “LO.” The world has never been the same.
In the late 1960s an experimental network of four computers called ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) was commissioned by the U.S. government. The computers were located at UCLA, SRI International (then known as Stanford Research Institute), UC Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah. ARPANET evolved into the network of computer networks we know as the Internet.
On October 29, 1969, the first message was sent between two ARPANET computers. They tried to type in “LOGIN,” but the computers crashed after the first two letters.