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Health Passport - Decentralized personal health record
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looking for some comments and feedback on our upcoming Health ICO to decentralize the Personal Health Record. whitepaper and other info can be found at http://hit.emrify.com
the HIT token will be a Utility Token that must be spent to transact with the Platform. We have 2 beta applications that demonstrate how health data is exchanged. Details are at https://www.emrify.com/help
have actual Beta products that won Awards. Shortly after the ICO, more products will be launched to increase market prices.
welcome any discussions regarding blockchain in healthcare.
we've just announced our Bounty Program for supporters to help out! https://www.emrify.com/bounty
Just added a Doctor Advisor! http://hit.emrify.com
Wyoming has just officially passed all 5 blockchain related bills including Utility Token. Emrify will be complying with US Laws and launching the Token Sale from Wyoming! Health disruption is coming. Spread the news! https://www.emrify.com/hit/
Decentralized Personal Health Record so you can be CEO of your Health

🔥PHR & PillSync.com mobile apps with 100k+ downloads / 15k+ active users
🔥1st place Health Passport @ US Chamber of Digital Commerce Blockchain hackathon & Finalist @ US gov ONC Blockchain Challenge
🔥Limited $10m hard cap
🔥Top-tier advisors: Consensys, Encrypgen, and Innovative Medical Doctor from Vanderbilt