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Several team leaders and prominent community members recently spoke at an anniversary AMA event on WeChat. The Info Team is pleased to share the transcripts of these can’t miss presentations. We start with Jingyu Niu, Head of Elastos Fusion.

Updates from the Elastos Essentials App, DID, Hive, and research into the Lightning Network all in this edition of the EF Bi-Weekly Technical Update.

The EF Bi-Weekly Technical Update includes new DID SDK releases, updates for Hive and IPFS, and the major releases of Elastos Essentials v.2.2 for Android and iOS. If you have not already, download the Web3 Super-Wallet today.

Elastos Essentials joined The .Wallet Alliance, released v2.2 for iOS, and updates from the core devs who never stop building including Carrier, Hive, DID, Elastos Smart Contract Chain and more in the EF Bi-Weekly Technical Update.