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Total volume till now: Around 30million dollars, TOP: 6mil in 1 day.
BuyBack Value Till Now: 511,083$ (511k)
Burn Value: ~360.000$
MarketCap ATH: Around 21 mil $
Market Cap Avag: 7million dollars
Price Now. 0.07$.

Website: https://e-futurecoin.com
FutureCoin is looking for a designer for the company (banners, logos, images, videos etc).

If you have skills in this direction you can send us your CV on: office@e-futurecoin.com and we will contact you if you are shortlisted.
RO: $FUTURE rămâne puternic și se menține mai bine ca 90% din monedele de pe piata in acest Bear Market și mult mai bine ca orice alta moneda din România.


ENG: $FUTURE remains strong and is holding up better than 90% of market currencies in this Bear Market and much better than any other currency in Romania.

RO: Prețul de pe CMC / CG (de începere a graficului diferă de pe o platforma pe alta, deoarece atât CMC cât și CG nu te bagă pe platforma instant și au propriile grafice care încep din momentul când te listează), din cauza unui boom de peste 1.200% când ne-a băgat CMC după aproximativ 24ore prețul era aproximativ 1$.

Listarea $FUTURE a fost la 0.2$ iar in acest moment $FUTURE este 0.06$.
This is FutureCoin power we are here to #stay.
$FUTURE was up today +100% on the ALL TIME HIGH FOR TODAY.

Here we go $FUTURE.
We are #strong and your are money are #safe. $FUTURE is here to STAY.
CoinFiles New Update v1.1.0:

- Calculator added: https://coinfiles.com/calculator

- Calendar added: https://coinfiles.com/calendar

- Feed Update:

• Post, test & see the new update & surprises. (Emoji 😀😀 & many other surprises await you on the feed section) 💥
FutureCoin ($FUTURE) Official 🚀 pinned «The announcement of the new roadmap structure for the current year will be announced in the coming period. Read More: https://medium.com/@contact_38868/futurecoin-statement-july-2022-94219fe9c685 Thank you for being with us during this difficult time. #build…»
Don’t forget about our security bridge between $FUTURE BEP20 - ERC20 using a new technology using 3 Signature Security Protocol (3SSP) developt by FutureCoin Team.

No money stolen after 4 failed hacking attempts

100% Secured
Super Speed
Easy to use.
What you can use in $FUTURE ecosystem?

Market Data - CoinFiles
Security Data - Defency
IDO Platform (Launchpad) - FuturePad
Transfer Assets Across Chains - FutureBridge
Don’t forget you can trade $FUTURE on LBANK Exchange. #15 biggest exchange in the world.
FutureCoin is looking for designer with experience, mail on: contact@e-futurecoin.com for the FutureCoin Ecosystem.