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Micro-blogging thoughts about how to Angel Invest a bit more efficiently.

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This is great, though with the current environment might want to say the valuation column isn't super accurate anymore? But everything else is 👌 Maybe turn down the valuation numbers down a bit (and thus $ raised for each round) and it's a great reference for understanding the different stages and expectations for each round.
Advice for how to break into VC:
(1 min @ 11:38 mark)

1. Take action by actually making 10 or so angel investments (even at $2k ea). Most people will not take action, so the largest indicator will be that you've actually made the leap on your own with your own money, and figured out your own way of deaflow (even if that's just joining Angel List Syndicates, or Wefunder, etc.)

2. Get as involved as possible with the companies that you've invested in, giving product feedback and helping connect them where it makes sense to

3. Start a blog (efficientvc.com) and document the journey about what you've learned and are learning from your experiences angel investing (Telegram Group = Micro Blog 👋)

4. If you want to work at a VC firm, they want to see you take action and have some level of success on your own. Analogizing a basketball player, just because they really want to be in the NBA, doesn't mean they get the shot at being in the NBA. Taking action, practicing on your own, showing others how you perform, is the only way to actually break into a difficult industry.
Motion finally announcing their Series A, listing me in the tweet alongside behemoths like Michael Sabel, Sam Altman (co-founder of OpenAI), and Y Combinator. This feels like one of those moments, one that not many get to have, and just 12 months into my angel investing journey... Just taking it in myself and wanted to share. Feeling humbled.

And the TechCrunch Article:
Making the gamble that is early-stage angel investing takes a lot of self-conviction. With friends asking me where that conviction comes from, I decided to dive deeper and write about it surrounding a new startup that I am currently obsessed with.
Have been wanting to publish this for a long while, decided that today is the day. For anyone wondering, here's a list of every angel investment I've made to-date. Will do my best to keep this page updated.

No write-up/reasoning, just a simple list of the investment / round / date.

What's frustrating about the Angel & VC space is that people only talk about their wins.

Yet only the full picture tells you what being an angel investor is actually like.

Here's a list of all my investments (which I'll be regularly updating w/ results):


Had such a blast sharing my angel investing journey, starting with the behind-the-scenes of what led to my first investment in Motion (YC W20)—sharing how the founder, Harry, took me under his wing early on, and how 1 led to 18 investments in the 12 months to follow (and now at 21).

Also shared how my wife and business partner (Andra) joined in on these deals with me, and how I convinced her to take the gamble on Motion, jumpstarting her own angel investing journey.

Even shedding some light on some potential future investments (like Arc), and everything I did to try and get onto the CEO, Josh Miller's radar because of my humble obsession with Arc by The Browser Company

Here's the in-person recording on YouTube:

And the show notes/transcript:

Would hugely appreciate a "like" and if you feel inspired, a comment to continue the conversation (while showing Wen appreciation for having me on her show).