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if you are on the way to the CCC Camp and have an unrooted robot (Roborock S8*, G10s, any dreame), feel free to bring it. we can do a root on site. only the robot is needed, no base
If you had tickets in VAERS, you should be able to get updates again. There was some weird problem with the mail server, that is now fixed.
If you created a ticket on VAERS and your SSID is something like "IoT" or "DG", please check the status of your ticket or send me (@dgiese) a quick PM. We are in the process of cleaning up tickets and there seem some that are hiding.
Some quick updates:
1) We are currently testing the integration of more Dreame devices in Dustbuilder.
2) There are press articles about Dreame L20 robots and Valetudo support. However, it is currently not supported as we never saw the device (yet).
3) If you still need Dreame rooting adapters in the US, please pm me (@dgiese). I will ship out another load tomorrow.
4) If you have issues with the new rooting method, you can still use VAERS.
5) For tech people with social media: feel free to spread the word about, when you succeed. There are many people who do not know about rooting.
6) When writing IoT security/privacy papers, feel free to cite or reference my papers :)
It took a very long time, but finally I have some improvements for the rooting of the Roborock S8* and Dreame L10sU, D10s*
1) The dustbuilder should be now more forgiving in regard to the config value. If you got a unknown config value error, please try again. It should work in most cases. If you have an open VAERS ticket for config values, please feel free to close it after building an image sucessfully.
2) I updated the documentation for the FELroot method and added more features to the Phoenixsuit/Livesuit image. We have now a way to create some sort of backup of the robots, that allows us to fix a soft-bricked robot. Please read the PDFs here: https://builder.dontvacuum.me/nextgen/
2a) The Phoenixsuit/Livesuit images are new, please download the new ones and delete the old ones.
3) MR133 based devices (e.g. L10s Pro) are still lacking support. I worked over the past weeks in fixing that issue, but the USB support is still very tricky. I will continue to work on it. It might take some more time, as it appears to be a low-level issue of the SoC. To further debug it, I might need to get my hands on a L10s Pro mainboard or robot.
4) If you are waiting on a response from me (other than config values), please ping me and keep bugging me. I have hundreds of open action items and I lose sometimes track of them. It does not annoy me and I want to make sure that I come back to people that I promised to help. Feel free to send me a quick PM.
5) If you had a VAERS ticket open, that was solved already or that is obsolete: feel free to close it . There are many tickets where we never heard back again, and I do not want to close the ticket (in case if that problem still exists).
With Prime days coming up, there are a few things we would like to stress:
- If you plan to buy new robots, make sure that they are actually supported. If unsure, feel free to ping me (@dgiese). For example, the L20 is not supported, as I do not have one (and I am debating if I want to spend the money on it).
- Make especially sure that you have the correct device, e.g. D10s and D10, and L10su and L10u are very, very different!
- Amazon Prime days are a great opportunity to support your favorite Robot project, thru affiliate links (what costs you nothing). Feel free to PM me (@dgiese), in case you plan to use the Amazon Prime day.
This week I am in Melbourne, Australia at the CyberConference (https://cyberconference.com.au). If someone is around at the event, feel free to meet up with me :) Also, I have a limited amount of Dreame Rooting adapters with me. I need to figure out a way to ship them, but if you are in need of one, PM me.
For our AUSTRALIAN friends: I am still in Melbourne until tomorrow and have 3 assembled adapters with me. If you have sent me your address in the past and did not receive one, please PM me. If you did not give me your address and still want one, please send me (@dgiese) your address via PM. While I am here, it might be easy to ship it out.
Some people speculated that some robot vendors did kidnap me, as I was ghosting a lot of people.
However, I am fine. Thanks to @not_hypfer for replying to many questions and VAERS requests.
In the last few weeks I was traveling a lot (and still am).
I was so far in India (NULLCON), Australia (CyberCon) and now the Netherlands (Hardwear.io).
Due to some messup, there was a reboot of my main desktop machine, which is now stuck in the pre-boot authentication of the hard drive encryption. That made my access to emails and messangers very difficult. It was also not helpful that I switched from Android to iOS before leaving to NL.
That said, I have some access now to most things, but working with it remotely is very slow. I try my best to reply to all requests.
I will be back next saturday and hopefully will work thru all the issues.
Here are some interesting updates:
0) I am currently on tour from Amsterdam to Brussels to Germany (Darmstadt) by car.
1) I was giving a talk in Australia about Vacuum robot hacking with some new information. The recording is not out yet, but you can find the slides here: https://dontvacuum.me/talks/CyberCon2023/
2) I am about to submit a talk to CCC Congress 2023 with some fresh hacked devices. It will be the biggest amount of affected devices so far. If it does not get into the Congress, I will likely need to wait until next DEFCON.
3) There are some quirks with Roborock S8 devices where the rooting causes a softbrick. Please make sure that you follow the how-to PDF and especially create the fallback images. We have some idea why it happens, but it requires some more investigating/input by folks.
4) While traveling, I was able to pick up some of my robots from storage. The current rooting method for "older" devices (like the Z10,L10,W10) is not great. But I try to port the FEL rooting to them. If everything goes right, the results might be in by next week.
5) We still have issues with the L10 Ultra (non-s) and L10s Pro. These devices are based on the MR133 SoC (instead of MR813) and cause some weird trouble. The main roadblock here is that I do not have these devices and need to test fixes with other peoples devices remotely. That takes a lot of time. So there is no ETA yet.
6) In regard to my tour: currently I am in Brussels on my way to Darmstadt. If your hackerspace is on the way or you have something real cool, feel free to ping me(I might have some rooting adapters with me). I am open to change my route, as long as I arrive in Darmstadt by Thursday.

The end of the year is always a good time for a retrospective.
Because of that and because - as you know - there are no analytics in Valetudo, once again, here's the occasional hardware survey.
"In 2023, I've been using Valetudo on the following Robots"
Anonymous Poll
Roborock/Xiaomi V1
Roborock eMMC (S5, S6, S4)
Roborock NAND (S5/S4/Q7 Max, S6 Pure, S7 Pro Ultra)
Dreame/Xiaomi 1C
Dreame F9, Mova Z500, Xiaomi 1T
Dreame Gen2 (D9 (Pro), L10, Z10, W10, Xiaomi P2148, Vacuum-Mop 2 Ultra)
Dreame Gen3 (L10su, D10s Pro/Plus, W10 Pro, Xiaomi X10+)
CRL-200S (Viomi, Cecotec, Proscenic, Commodore, Xiaomi)
A few weeks ago we gave a talk at the 37C3 about hacking *Ecovacs* robot. Now we can hack 4 or the top 5 robot companies worldwide. Feel free to share the topic in your favorite networks (reddit, hackernews, etc.)
You can find the slides and the recordings here:

The recording was released yesterday on Youtube too (tell your friends :D) :

I created a user group for Ecovacs hacking here:

That said, we are basically in the beginning of Ecovacs rooting. There is no support from Valetudo, as the protocol is very different and would require a lot of rework. The Valetudo group is the wrong place to ask Ecovacs questions!
*** PLEASE do not ask when Valetudo will support Ecovacs robots ***
Remember the whole project is a hobby project, so be surprised when it will be ready and do not demand/or guild-trip us to introduce faster support.
In case you wonder why our replies take forever and why there are no news about S8 or felroot: Around Christmas, my NAS seem to have issues and I could not access a lot of my tooling. I had to fly to the server location and check whats going on. Turned out, that both 16TB hard drives got bad due to a power outage. It will take a bit of time to get new hard drives and to restore the data. Sorry for the delay.
If you happen to live in Singapore: We will be next week at GEEKCON and we got 2 tickets to give away (pm me to claim a ticket). Also, we will have Dreame rooting adapters and some limited supplies for Ecovacs with us.
Some quick news for this week:
1) I will be this week in Singapore at GEEKCON and will present some exploits that are remotely exploitable (and where the vendors might ghosted us)
2) Thanks to our irresponsible financial behaviour, there might be two new super fresh rootable devices coming next week(s). So if you have disposable income and plan to buy a robot in the very near future, you might want to wait until the announcement. Spoiler: the flagship models will have full root and Valetudo support (if nothing goes wrong). I decided that it might be this year better to release it pre-DEFCON.
3) If you have a rooted device and have monitoring on your network, please help us to figure out if we missed some data leak. A rooted robot should not really communicate with the cloud (except NTP). While we try to find all cloud connections, there might be some that snuck into firmware updates. Also, if you have time, please take a look at the firmwares itself. There are sometimes things hidden (log uploads, auto updates, etc.)