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US Secret Service Creates Finance-Related Cybercrime Task Force
The Cyber Fraud Task Force created by the U.S. Secret Service aims to combat the growing trend of cybercrimes related to financial matters.
Crypto regulation in 2020: The U.S. tightens regulation of crypto, while India has finally allowed banks to get involved with firms.
Nigerian Scammers Used BTC & Gemini Exchange to Siphon Millions
Nigerian scammers converted millions of dollars into Bitcoin via Gemini exchange according to an FBI criminal complaint.
Crypto Winter Could Really Be Over as New Bitcoin Starts to Bloom
Although the cryptocurrency industry still has many needed improvements, it nevertheless seems to be on an upward trajectory.
Crypto Winter Could Really Be Over as New Bitcoin Starts to Bloom - Cointelegraph

Crypto Winter Could Really Be Over as New Bitcoin Starts to Bloom (https://cointelegraph.com/news/crypto-winter-could-really-be-over-as-new-bitcoin-starts-to-bloom)  Cointelegraph
Blockchain Platform Targets Change in Agriculture & Fishing Industries
The Release project says its blockchain-powered platform can solve logistical challenges for the agriculture and fishing industries.
Unitize Roundup: Top 10 Quotes From the Virtual Blockchain Conference
Vitalik Buterin, Heath Tarbert, Brock Pierce and many more — here are 10 memorable quotes to take away from five days of the Unitize virtual blockchain conference.