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Good evening all DSTRA lovers! There's a small bonus activity around Shardax voting, since the 3rd Round started. Rules are simple:
1) You have to register at Shardax and you can make your vote every 24h
2) Whenever you do so, please proceed to the Form and submit: your full Discord name (incl. # and digits there), your walletID and screenshot of submitted vote. Link to vote (will be simplified later): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Itqc8iUQ0qoY3iiVLOchYEQ2EYPizywMHWjMrJs_dsU
3) Every Wednesday we will publish a list of all submissions (so more you vote the better) and randomly select 5 winners with following rewards: 1 x 200 DSTRA, 2 x 100 DSTRA, 3 x 50 DSTRA. Then the list is "reset" and you start earning points for another week. We carry it out until 1st of Aug, so until the conclusion of Round3 of Shardax!

If we are in Top3 - EVERYONE who submitted their vote on EVERY day from today 22:30 GMT+2 till closure will get 100 DSTRA.

Sooooo... roll up the sleeves and start voting! We can be on the very top there - not to mention that with your help - our great community - we have a huge chance to be on the very top (1st position).
Hello everyone!

Today I bring you exciting news where many of you waited on: We have paid the listing fees to be listed on Crex24 (DSTRA/BTC)! After being processed and reviewed by the exchange, I hope we are listed soon.

Meanwhile testing the V2 wallet is in progress, and so far only a few bugs have been found.
Hello everyone!

Here https://goo.gl/forms/hrEqKEnOiVybaR3z1 you can find our form for the swap - you need to fill it in for recieving the swap, otherwise you won't get coins. This will only be open for a certain timeframe so do it as soon as possible please! We're really looking forward to our update with masternodes. Please help us to get this swap going fast! Stay tuned for our wallet release.

You NEED to do it, the current chain won't be supported anymore. Only the v2 wallet and v2 coins will be listed at the exchange!

Some further info:
a) for those who haven't heard it before: our v2 update is changing our codebase and our chain, that's why the swap is needed
b) we will snapshot the current balances on 08/21/2018 at 12:00 UTC. You need to have your coins in the wallet at this date, otherwise you won't have a swap. You don't have to leave the coins in the staking bot! The coins need to be on an address, which you filled in the form and where you got the private key from.
c) you can fill the form multiple times for multiple addresses
Everyone! Please remember about filling in the DSTRA v2 SWAP form - without it we cannot swap your coins to the new blockchain!
Happy Monday! Remember to fill-up the form for the swap!

Everyone - less than a 0.75 of a day for closure of v2 swap registration! Remember if you don't register, then you basically will lost all DSTRA earned so far and you will have to start from scratch!
DSTRA Coin (Official channel) pinned «Hello everyone! Here https://goo.gl/forms/hrEqKEnOiVybaR3z1 you can find our form for the swap - you need to fill it in for recieving the swap, otherwise you won't get coins. This will only be open for a certain timeframe so do it as soon as possible please!…»
As promised (it's still Aug'18 here ;) ) we bring you some further news and it's just a start for a new level of DSTRA. Our ANN in Bitcointalk has been refreshed (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3922106), but moreover the V2 wallets are ready (unfortunately MAC users have to wait till next week): https://dstra.io/#wallets Once you run it please remember to go to console and use importprivkey to get your swapped balance :wink: Then please remember to use the new address here with the bot (to register it before AD9 finish) and in forum.
We have the news everyone was waiting for - we are happy to announce that DSTRA is listed on the 1st exchange, which is Crex24! The exchange team was even faster than we expected (as they've pulled us there in no-time), so few of you have probably spotted it already.

The current BTC-pair is: https://crex24.com/pl/exchange/DST-BTC
We've hit the exchange, so now it is time to have a live tracking of your wallet value! DSTRA has been already listed within the Blockfolio app and we encourage you to vote also for Delta! You can upv
We would like to officially announce that DSTRA has been added to CoinLib and you can find all the details here: https://coinlib.io/coin/DST/DSTRA
Time for another exciting bounty: The Numex voting lottery bounty.
Rules & general information:
* Every 24 hours you can vote for the listing of DSTRA on the Numex exchange website
* For every vote 10DST will be added to the prize pool
* At the end of the voting period, the prize pool will be divided to 50 random lucky winners (random lottery)
* In order to participate in this bounty, you are required to fill in the form after casting your vote

In addition, if DSTRA gets listed, every participant will receive 500 DST to their wallets!

For more information regarding participating please follow the following link: https://forum.dstra.io/threads/bounty-dstra-voting-campaign-at-numex-exchange.1116/
We like to surprise you almost every week now, so... another surprise is around our Airdrops. Starting from Airdrop13 (the "lucky 13" :wink: ) the period will be extended to cover entire 14 days! Whic
Good morning fellow DSTRAns - we have reached the block with the reward ratio change, so now the reward scheme is: MN = 0.5 DSTRA, POS = 1.99 DSTRA