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Would you like to properly manage the configurations in your automated tests like environments or any other data?
@imalittletester will show you how to do this!

To be honest I like more the approach using the Owner library that is far away easier and lightweight comparing to Spring.

We do need to catch errors earlier or fail fast, don't we? Learn 7 stages where you can apply the Shift-Left approach and speed up the process.

Two reasons for me why automation frameworks will fail are:
- choose a market-driven tool
- lack of design patterns usage

This article shows another 5. 😄

Did you know about the Advent of Code?
It's an Advent calendar of small programming puzzles.

But, what about testing?
you could extend your skills by solving the puzzle and adding tests on top of that!
What do you think?

I'm doing my end of the year review and I could only remember everything I did because of an action I take during my 1-1 sessions: I write, in advance, everything I'm working on (past and present) and the accomplishments.

Tip: prepare your agenda in advance with whatever person you do 1-1 sessions.

The advantage? You will have a focused session and you will be able to work better in any work in progress activities.
Catch my EuroSTAR talk – now on demand! This is Europe’s largest testing conference and we had a blast. Software testers from over 50 countries learning & connecting. I was delighted to be part of it.


Would you like to know how to implement, in your current code, an approach to run the Selenium WebDriver test, either locally or remotely, applying the Factory pattern using Java?

This is an article for you!


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In this short video, also available on my @eliasnogueira_tech Instagram account, I'm explaining if we should perform a validation, after a POST request, through the database.

#microservices #softwaretesting #api