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Happy New Year!
💫Everything is imagined before it becomes physically tangible.
🎶 💧
Reshape the water.
Infuse it with your intentions.
Songs of fulfilled desire.
Marinate in the aquatic vibrations of your inner convictions.
Enrollment opens today for the January class of Awareness School!

At any moment you can choose to change your relationship to anything that has happened in your life so far.⁣

You can shift the narrative.⁣

You can change your perception.⁣

You can leave behind the old identities and patterns.⁣

You can transmute pain into wisdom, trauma into knowledge.⁣

You can refresh your outlook and resurrect yourself anew.⁣

Have a renaissance!⁣

Free yourself from the opinions of others.⁣

Become uninterested in external approval.⁣

Take personal responsibility for every aspect of your life.⁣

Start living in way you feel great about.⁣

Approve of yourself.⁣

Value your own opinion.⁣

Find what you’re passionate about.⁣

Invest your time into it.⁣

Prioritize feeling good and doing things that light you up and nourish you,⁣

Be clear on yes and no.⁣

Be radically honest about your level of commitment to creating your desired outcomes,⁣

Walk your talk.⁣

Understand yourself. ⁣

Find out how/why you think, feel, and behave the way you do. ⁣

Take Awareness School. ⁣
(Class starts 01.23.23!)⁣

Learn how your body works.⁣

Start doing the things you say you’ll do.⁣

It’s always now.⁣

Now is always the perfect time.⁣

Now is when change happens.⁣

Now is when you think a new thought.⁣

May this be a year of opting out of unconscious programming and opting into conscious choosing!
Cultivate curiosity.
Practice neutral responses.
What you resist persists.
Steven Ravnstag returns! 🔥

In this episode we take a look at the nature of narcissism as well as the motivating factors of the narcissist.

We also explore how it arises on the level of the crowd – including a deep dive into the interplay with religion.

We each share our personal experiences with religion growing up and discuss how an individual can better detect narcissistic qualities as well as how they can set and enforce stronger boundaries for themselves.

Watch now at our website using the link in our bio or at any podcast provider 👊🏽

Watch here: https://www.hereforthetruth.com/episodes/episode103
Media is too big
Do we play a role in our own MANIPULATION?

Episode 103 - Steven Ravnstag
A sneak preview of some of the concepts we will be covering during the 10 weeks of Awareness School.

There has been a problem with our email server so we’re extending the early bird enrollment period through Wednesday.

If your intuition is drawing you to this material, heed the call!

If you study the course and participate in the live meetings it will exceed your expectations.