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🔥 The sixth case study (+$2787 and ROI 540%) is published for the #minicase contest.

id1774 makes money in Google Ads on potention - 18395 FunFan🇹🇭

Case study link: https://teletype.in/@dr.cash/2787_and_ROI_540_potention_18395_thai
🔥The seventh case study is a triplet (from +$143 to + $232) on push. #minicase

On the menu: bymyads.com (ROI 23%), tacolo.co (ROI 52%) и push.house (ROI 216%)

id 4896 share his experience about sources and ads

💥🇮🇳 The newest case study: +$13,678 and ROI 130% on CPL offer in India!

Inside the box: ads, funnels, stats and the whole configuration of the campaign.

At the present moment, this campaign is still live with the same volumes!

https://teletype.in/@dr.cash/Case_study_Facebook-India-Diet-Weightloss #casestudy
🔥 Case-study: +$79,834 profit and ROI 160%

Period: 1.5 months
Niche: Weight loss
Geo: Italy

You can discuss the case with the author in the chat: @affiliatenutra

https://teletype.in/@dr.cash/italy_case_80k #casestudy
🔥 A detailed case-study on how the author earned on fb during the ban period

+$16,753 on Hypertension in Columbia #casestudy
🔥Case-study. Philippines is a great geo for making money, even during fb bans

🇵🇭 And a selection of great offers for PH from us inside

Case-study: +$60,915 on Parasytes on the Philippines #casestudy
🔥New case-study. + $ 35,010 on one of the "longest-running" diet offers in Spain

+$35,010 on Weight-Loss in Spain #casestudy
🔥 First case in the July mini-case contest

A great in-depth look at how to properly launch anti-aging cosmetics in the Philippines to make a profit #minicase #casestudy

🔥 Second case in the July mini-case contest

Push notifications for adult offer in the Middle East #minicase #casestudy

🔥 Third case in the July mini-case contest

Profitable diabetes in the Philippines #minicase #casestudy

The best offers of September🔥

Here - 5 offers, on which publishers earned the most in the first month of autumn👇🏻

🇵🇪 20147 - Bio Prost - COD - [PE] - 27% - $10 - enlargement
🇵🇱 18890 - Diabetins - COD - [PL] - 62% - $23 - diabetes
🇵🇭 19941 - Diabextan - COD - [PH] - 54% - $10 - diabetes
🇵🇱 18748 - A-Cardin - COD - [PL] - 62% - $23 - hypertension
🇵🇪 19678 - Bio Prost - COD - [PE] - 28% - $10 - prostatitis

💊A gorgeous case from a well-known team is waiting for you very soon. In the meantime, you can look through other published cases using the #casestudy
🔥New case-study. + $60,000 from the first call to the Philippines with Diabextan

🇵🇭 Experience and secrets of the successful diabetes promotion here👇🏻

Case-study: +$60,000 on diabetes in the Philippines

🔥New case study. + $ 14,650 with ROI 230% for "Get for free" in Poland

At the end of the summer, "Get for free" offers made it to Europe. Yevhenii details its approach for such an interesting format

Case study: + $ 14,650 with ROI 230% for "Get for free" in Poland

The first case in our Mini Case Contest!💣

The Epic-Media
team prepared a fresh case and told in detail how to drive traffic on diabetes to Poland with a result of + $4266 with a ROI of 110% 🤑

You can read the full case description on dr.cash blog🔥

We remind you that everyone can also take part in the contest (we have a guaranteed prize for each participant), all the details can be found here.

#minicase #casestudy
The third case on "get for free" offers for fungus to Poland with a result of +3196$ with ROI 201% is already available on our dr.cash blog🤑

You can ask your question by specifying #minicases.
There is less time left before voting for the best case, where each author will receive a guaranteed prize!

The contest ends 14.09 and you still have the opportunity to become a participant and share useful experience with colleagues😎

#minicase #casestudy
The fourth case for an enlargement in Oman from push traffic with a result of +$816.49 with a ROI of 182% 🤑

How to work with the adult niche in Muslim regions, read in our dr.cash blog🙌🏻

We remind you that you can ask your question about the case in the comments, indicating #minicases.

#minicase #casestudy
The fifth weight loss case in India with a result of + $45,077 with a ROI of 106.22%💸

The author of the case told in detail how to get a good profit in India, taking into account the peculiarities of GEO.

A full description of the case can be found in our dr.cash blog🔥

#minicase #casestudy
The sixth case for prostatitis in Iraq with a result of + $399 with a ROI of 61.48% is already available on our dr.cash blog 💸

The author of the case took part in training course on driving traffic from adult natives to nutra adult offers from dr.cash and the Musstrade team and showed excellent results!💣

#minicase #casestudy