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Cryptocollectible player vs. player game built on Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to collect, breed and battle unique dragons.



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Dragonereum team is happy to announce several integrations have been made for the past couple of weeks:

The game has been listed in Trust (https://trustwallet.com/) and Opera Mobile (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opera.browser) browsers and integrated into the p2p marketplace for digital assets Opensea.io !

So, now Dragon masters have more options to play the game on their mobiles and can trade their dragons on the alternative marketplace using additional features: https://medium.com/opensea/trade-dragonereum-assets-on-opensea-32964858aea6 .
While everyone is waiting for the Gladiator Battles, here is some good news for you, guys:

- GOLD has been enabled for trading and making bundles on Opensea.io ! Now you can bid, buy and sell assets for GOLD there 👑

- Chronologic team has integrated Dragonereum Dragons and Eggs into their dapp https://app.chronologic.network/ ! So... That means that you are able to send a dragon to your significant other for St. Valentine's Day by scheduling the transfer - just go to the "information" tab and choose the token transfer.
Dragon Masters! Dragonereum (GOLD) is now on Radar Relay https://radarrelay.com

Meet the new way of simple GOLD trading without intermediaries.
We are happy to infrom you about the integration with the Portis wallet https://www.portis.io/ !

Now Dragon Masters can play the game on any device and in any browser just using Portis login and passward. Activate this option in user profile ☝🏻
There is some cool news for you, guys!

Our dev team has noticed tons of complaints about dragonereum’s server poor performance and decided to act accordingly. So, now we are using the Graph! That means that the game has become more stable and faster!
Full open source solution🤖 Each and every Dragonmaster can deploy it locally🚀

Last but not the least - our sub-graph hit the list of the top solutions built on the Graph!

Check this out:


Hello, Dragon Masters! 😈

Couple of months ago in order to improve our current Dragonereum's economics the following proposals were offered: https://github.com/dragonereum/dragonereum-contracts/issues/5

So, in the Honor of the 11th Anniversary of Bitcoin WP release Dragonereum team is updating the smart-contracts according to the above mentioned proposals (except the last one).

We believe that these updates will make the game even more mind-blowing and hope that all the further updates will be conducted with the help of on-chain governance 🤖

Happy Halloween 🧙🏻‍♂️🧟‍♂️
Coinlim will List Dragonereum Gold (GOLD) on 12th December , 2019,and open GOLD/ETH Markets .
Dragonereum Gold (GOLD) Open Deposit:12th December , 2019 09:00 (GMT+8)
GOLD/ETH Open Exchange:12th December , 2019 15:00 (GMT+8)

Coinlim Website : https://www.coinlim.com

Also please note that 100k of Dragonereum Gold was sent from the Foundation wallet to the exchange for market making.
Hello everуone!

We have good news for you. Nonsense team started working part time on the game.
Here are the deliverables for this week:
1. Fixed display of battles
2. FIX: DRAGONs are displayed on the OpenSea now
3. DRAGONs are displayed on the Rarible
4. Added pool on Balancer https://pools.balancer.exchange/#/pool/0xa47aaa0dcc5e4bd7d861bc6078d3f942a3dc2534
5. Fixed bug with gas calculation

We need to be listed on the Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. In order to achieve this we need some help from the community - Gold needs a stable price feed from the uniswap and the balancer. So, please, help us with some trading. It doesn't matter which volumes are being traded. The regularity of swaps matters.

Thank you for your help.
Hello Everyone!
Here are some updates from the Dragonereum team!

We are currently:
1. Finishing the backend transfer from our server to the graph protocol
2. Migrating the GOLD trading from the internal market to the Uniswap

Next steps:
1. Migration of ERC-721 (DRAGONs and EGGs) to the OpenSea
2. Research on significant improvements of economic and game model

We are going to research the following: Possibility to merge the regular and gladiator battles with adding the GOLD staking in order to get rewards from the gladiator battles.

Currently, training battles allow players to mine gold, train dragons, and use skills. It allows making battles between dragons, which in possession of the same player. On the other side, the gladiator battles that don't incentivize self-battling but allow to earn on betting. Merge of these two types of battles without the ability to self-train will could: (1) bring current dragons more value, (2) simplify the game, (3) add more heat to the battles, (4) bring more entertainment to players, and (5) significantly improve incentives for dragon masters. - This is a crucial question to research

Also, current GOLD economics implies some minimum amount of liquidity in order to make the GOLD mining in the battles profitable for dragon masters. The implemented (current) game design failed to sustain this threshold. There are some reasons. One of them - too many eggs initially, but this can't be fixed. Another reason is that a game master needs to have external inflow to cover gas costs for the battles. Although rewards from betting were included in the gladiator battles almost since inception, there are two issues that still there: (1) gladiator battles failed to achieve significant adoption to attract players - this could be fixed by merging battles, and (2 revenue from the betting was not connected economically to the value of GOLD. Adding the ability to stake GOLD and have some percent of rewards from the gladiator battles (betting) will allow to close the loop of the game economy and give positive expectations for everybody involved: dragon masters, players who bet, long term holders, and traders.

We would love to hear some feedback from the dragon masters on proposed changes, as these implementations require significant effort from us.
Dragonereum story through the eyes of one of its founders and fierce players:

Part 1/3: "I am the lord of cyber dragons and I came to tell you one story.

This is the story about probably the most prominent piece of art in the history of digital art. I am going to tell you this story as is with all sweets and shits to let you choose for yourself where its worth to touch this beauty right now or sing in the swap of nft garbage.

This story began on a wave of crypto kittens. On the first day of that hype, I bought a cat for 10 ETH, and sold it for 80 ETH. But something didn't let me drown in the shit of my own greed. There was something fascinating and amazing about these kittens. Something that permeates the entire fabric of the universe we see and does not allow any stone to lie in place forever. I am talking about DNA. I saw the embryo of digital life in kittens. But at the same time, the language did not dare to call the kittens alive. Judge for yourself. Does anyone know that in nature it was possible to create a creature with given properties? No, of course the crispr allows you to make inserts. But this is objectively not enough to take and print a million kittens with different desired properties. But even if this is possible, then nature is even more complex. The process of birth and evolution has serious limitations on which kittens don't give a fuck.

Therefore, the idea of digital life began to live in my head. Then I thought that we might have a tool in our hands that would allow us to bring out a new form of life - digital. But I did not indulge myself in hopes that it would be easy. Therefore, I postponed this idea until better times.

The best times have come very soon. I mentored one of the blockchain hackathon in Minsk and a team of guys caught my eye who wanted to make a great game, the first of its kind. A game in which the developers will not hold their players by the balls. A game in which creatures cannot be sucked out of the finger. A game in which the community will be at the center. The guys' eyes were shining. The kittens' success tugged at their hearts. And they were looking for an investor in order to start soon.

We met in a cafe a week later and I explained my goal to them: I want to create a field of digital genetics. I loved the idea of blockchain gaming. I saw it’s potential. But I do belong to the class of investors who do not seek to capitalize on the banal and obvious. My journey as an investor began in 2011 with Satoshi's idea that ten to the sixth power can be done on fucking states in the dirtiest anus of the financial system. Then in 2014 I was inspired by Vitalik's idea of a metastable software environment for robots. After that, there were many daring ideas. So I was definitely not looking for something trivial. A playable prototype of digital life is cool. Darwin would have turned over in his coffin. We shook hands and in a few days there were 30 cue ball on the multisig of our team.

One of the most essential conditions for the development was the requirement that we will not get involved in legal crap. We will not register companies. We won't suck dick to the banks. We will prove that it is possible to create things bypassing the weaknesses of our society. On the one hand, this added constraints to the project. But over time, it is obvious that this property of the game is invaluable. There is no trace of legal shit behind the game. Real, pure digital work.

The guys were able to get cool artists. The highlight of the project was the fact that a star was engaged in game mechanics - one of the guys who laid the brick of successful gamification in the World of Tanks. Everything worked out, there were iterations. Six months later, the frame was already assembled. Contract, front, simulation, paper, art.

Initially, I didn't plan to get involved in the game. Just an investment. My plan was to control some of the properties in the game, and everything else will turn out by itself. But everything had changed..."
Part 2/3: "In the process of working on the game, it became obvious to me that we were able to create something new. For example, randomness. It is still tight on the air with this in Ethereum. But we created an economic algorithm that made it possible to protect the dragon birth process from manipulation.

But something else changed for me during the development process. I realized that we had created an almost complete game mechanic that was difficult to play. And it's also difficult to win. This was the period when Google was guiding the champion into Go with one TPU stand. And I realized that gaming will change a lot. And then I found a niche that I was completely unexpected.

We have created a game in which a person can win in the era of artificial intelligence. So I decided that I would win this game.

Eight months later, it turned out that there was money left in the project for a month of development.

I felt that the game was not yet polished. Therefore, it was necessary to choose: continue to feed the developers or run it as it is. Dragonereum was not my main project - I was puzzled by the idea of a decentralized Google and did not want to stick there. It was already important for me to play. I wanted to play. Therefore, instead of allocating capital for development, I decided to allocate it directly to the game. And I am proud of this decision.

We decided to start as is.

Launch day has arrived. A lot of people gathered online to deploy contracts and launch the game. It was a great experience. But the contracts were not deployed in any way, since the development team did not have a full Ethereum node. The game turned out to be complex. At the time of deployment, it was the most difficult development in the industry, which consisted of 5 thousand lines of solidity and 35 contracts. Moreover, over time, it is obvious that this is one of the highest quality developments. Then the contracts were looked at by white hats and by our other friends - security leaders in blockchain development. Therefore, after 3 years, not a single vulnerability was found in the production.

As such, I myself had to deploy the game. I remember this moment very well. Like in the movies on my screen:

GOLD contract deploy complete and the hash of the contract [0x150b0b96933b75ce27af8b92441f8fb683bf9739] (https://etherscan.io/token/0x150b0b96933b75ce27af8b92441f8fb683bf9739)

The design of the game is amazing - not a single EGG and not a single DRAGON went to us as developers. The EGGs had to be hatched at a gas auction. And DRAGONs can be hatched from EGGs by gaining experience. We made the game so that it ate as much gas as possible at the time of distributing the EGGs. And she ate. Different Dragonereum contracts occupied the first lines in terms of gas consumption for about a month burning around 15% of entire Ethereum bandwith. But that was the time when no one cared about it 🙂 We were ahead of the time ...

Our assumption was that the more gas we manage to burn during the launch, the more expensive the NFTs will be. Like in PoW. On the one hand, this aspect greatly complicated the whole game and dropped the gameplay. On the other hand, it makes it impossible to print DRAGONs cheaply now and gives dragon masters confidence in the future value of in ETH. You can see for yourself by trying to bring and pump the dragon yourself 🙂

And all this time I continued to play. I decided to play positionally. Maximize the number of GOLD and DRAGONs. Therefore, for three years I bought cheap DRAGONs and cheap GOLD from the market. And now I am winning the Game without a doubt."
Part 3/3: "At the moment, the GOLD cap is a ridiculous 300 ETH. And the cap of DRAGONs, even taking into account the fact that they are sold at 0.5 ETH, is a ridiculous 1400 ETH. Together with 0.2 ETH EGGs, this is less than 4000 ETH in total. It's cheaper than couple of crypto punks!

And now a few facts:

1. When we launched on OpenSea there was something about 30 NFT types. Thus, they are in the cohort of the first NFTs.
2. DRAGONs and EGGs are the first NFTs distributed honestly.
3. Dragons are the first generative NFTs in history. At the same time, it was 3 years ahead of time. This property can be partially disputed, but it is also possible to support the addition of vector descriptors to properties already stored in the blockchain.
4. Dragons are the first NFTs in history that, in addition to the picture, have the ability to earn GOLD!
5. Dragons, by virtue of their properties, are the first NFTs in history that can work as an NFT Lego block like DeFI. So different games can be build on top unforgeble and balanced DRAGON properties. This idea is worthy of a separate post, so I will not dwell on it.
6. DRAGONs are the first digital creatures which growth is bounded by the basic model of evolution.
7. Dragons are the most elaborated digital creatures in blockchain space: genome affects not only their appearance but also their skills!
8. DRAGONs are not just NFTs. This is a complete game closely related to ERC-20 GOLD tokens. This game is ahead of its time.

On the basis of a combination of factors, I am not afraid to say that that DRAGONs are the rarest and most valuable NFTs in the history of mankind.

But not without tar. It is always difficult to be pioneers. And we made a few annoying mistakes. Because of these miscalculations, the game didn't take off right away. But even with these miscalculations, it is delightful and is a unique and unrepeatable piece of digital art, a breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence, an achievement in the field of digital genetics.

At the moment, we understand how to optimize the game ahead of time by another five years. But it makes sense to do based on strong community, which we do not have at the moment :-(
Do you want to build strong community and participate in creation of new paradigm of NFTs and cryptogames? "