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Friends, not sure if you knew Ahmad Osama. He was a SQL professional, former SQL MVP. Used to deliver a lot of community sessions with me. He was also instrumental in energizing the SQL community in India. Was part of SQLServerGeeks and also the conference for many years. In recent times he wrote many books on Azure SQL for packt publishing.

In an unimaginable tragedy he passed away in April this year at a tender age of 37, leaving behind his mother, wife, sister and 2 month old son. This is heartbreaking for many of us. I have taken upon myself to support his family as much I can. And am raising funds for his family. If you can support, it will be great. Afterall, he was part of all of us.

Thank you 🙏
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DPG Webinar on "Execution plans … Where do I start?'' by Hugo Kornelis is now LIVE.
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DPG Webinar on "Sentiment Analysis using Azure Cognitive Services" by Anupama Natarajan is now LIVE.
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DPG Webinar on "Bedazzling Your Bookmarks & Buttons" by Reid Havens is now LIVE.
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DPG Webinar on "Fixing indexing problems where indexing does not help" by Uwe Rickens is now LIVE.
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DPG Webinar on "Synapse Serverless SQL Pool and Spark pool: better together" by Armando Lacerda is now LIVE.
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DPG Webinar on "Let SQL Server Be the Central Hub For All Types of Data" by Niels Berglund is now LIVE.
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DPG Webinar on "Use 60 minutes of your time to dive into Azure Synapse and learn how to build a Modern Analytics Platform" by Wolfgang Strasser is now LIVE.
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DPG Webinar on "PowerShell for the DBA. Where do I start?" by Ben Miller is now LIVE.
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