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DoTx announcements pinned «We are excited to announce a new version of DeFi of Thrones : The Hero Update ⚔️»
DoTx announcements pinned «This week we have been working on redesigning the main battle page for the Hero Update. We hope you will like it! ⚔️»
The new battle page that we showed you last week has also been adapted to mobile/tablet. And we started implementing NFTs into the inventory/equipment system. Things are going the right way guys 💪
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We just finished the hero background modification feature (each background is a NFT). Keep in mind that the backgrounds shown in this demo are for development purpose. We'll have an artist to make our own later on.👨‍🎨
Here's how your character will look like in the first version of the Hero Update. You will soon discover the 3 first armor sets you'll be able to chose from when starting the game.⚔️
Here's one the three armor sets you will be able to chose from when starting a new character : The degree 1 Medium Armor Set - The Peasant's Set 👨‍🌾

You can barely call this an armor set, as this poor plebeian left his work harvesting potatos and breeding cattle to join the forces of DeFi of Thrones. Filled with ambition and lust for riches, this dirty peasant has everything required to become a true warrior. ⚔️
DoTx announcements pinned «LATEST UPDATE! Hot from the press! 🔥 - Development of the armor set - New battle system - Upcoming fund raise - Surprises for previous $DoTx token holders Read the full update:»
Discover the first heavy armor set: The Vagabond's Set 🌲

Coming from the wild and cold forests of the North, he's not a very good fighter. But the roughness of nature made his skin thick.
The last armor set you will be able to chose when starting to play The Hero Update : The Outcast's Set 👹

Freed only to serve as a cannon pulpit on the front. The mask on his head should remember everyone of his horrible deeds. He longs to clear his name.
The first degree weapons/shield of the Hero Update.

- The Rusty Saw (1-H Slicing)
- The Frying Pan (1-H Striking)
- The Wooden Plank (Shield)
- The Farm Fork (2-H Slicing)
- The Shovel (2-H Striking)

Which one will you pick? 🤔
The degree 2 light armor (level 16-20), the Wanderer's Set. 🥷

Lurking in the shadows, he patiently waits for the opportune moment to strike.
The Degree 2 Medium Armor : The Volunteer's Set ⚔️

The volunteer will not hesitate to put his life on the line to protect what he holds most dear.
So many items have been built already (with each their unique characteristics). And there are way more to come, as we have planned 33 armor sets and 55 weapons/shields, that's a total of 220 items.

Follow us, as there will be items (NFT) to win. 👾
The Degree 2 Heavy Armor (Level 6-10) : The Barbarian

What he lacks in intelligence and wit, he makes for in cruelty and amorality. 👹