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A place where I post things that interest me: tech, art, environmentalism, futuristic societies, cultural heritage, cryptocurrency, maths...
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I recently read this fascinating book, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in the history of technology and the internet.
Forwarded from Autumn / shEOS
Great to have you Xochitl! The Celo mission of creating a truly inclusive financial system is exciting - I love watching it unfold as the momentum behind your company builds. For those not familiar, check this out:
Fascinating article about globalisation and digital assets. Really chimes with my thinking about the future of globalisation and the social and economic changes of the 21st Century:
From Serg:

#CodingForChange is our latest initiative targeted at solving challenges that arise in a post-COVID-19 world. Everyone is welcomed to participate in the virtual hackathon with US $100,000 grand prize. Starts May 1st, register now!
Forwarded from Autumn⚡️ Sense Chat ✨
Our Sense Chat family is partnering with Akoin Official to bring encrypted, blockchain-based messaging to Akon City in Africa!