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So far I haven't had any further downtime since this update.
dogbin updates
It's been a while since I last gave an update with some stats on dogbin! As I'm setting up proper metrics right now I thought it'd be a good moment to do this right now. So, we're at 619947 pastes (and about 2000 new ones being created daily), and 4237 shortened…
Time for a new Stats update!

We're at 192 registred users now, which is huge! Over 5000 people have created pastes and short urls without registering. We're already at over 700K pastes, and the number of shortened urls has increased as well.

dogbin is stable at around 70k page views per month, with a small decrease over the holidays (and because of the terrible uptime). Visitor analytics are publicy accessible at
I have moved dogbin DNS from Cloudflare directly to Digitalocean and there may be some problems with connecting to dogbin while DNS is still propagating
dogbin has decided to break itself again after everything started working so wonderfully last month 🙃 trying to get it to work again but I cannot promise that I will get it up today
These also work on telegram btw, but might take a while to appear for older urls due to how telegram caches link previews
dogbin should now be back to normal, the root cause of all the major stability issues has finally been identified and mostly fixed. I will be working on some more performance focused updates over the next few days.
Channel photo updated
quick reminder that we have a twitter account too and it is actually alive again!

also yes we got a proper logo now
as it turns out (and as this message shows) I have just broken the previews completely, gonna be fixed later today
previews have now been fixed!
dogbin will be down briefly while I run backup and maintenance operations.
well today I learned that twitter apparently suspends accounts without notice...

the dogbin twitter account was recently suspended, I don't know for which random thing in their TOS because they never sent me an E-Mail, but hey 🤷‍♀️
dogbin is finally back up again, and the autoheal setup should finally be working again, so i hope there won't be too much more downtime in the near future.
its already down again
time to tune some stuff lmfao
dogbin updates
its already down again
autoheal is kinda useless if your healthcheck always fails. anyways dogbin shouldn't restart every two minutes anymore now.