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For me, Doug Lee, to announce updates to coding projects that may be of interest to people. All posts to this channel can be considered public information and further distributed, without alteration.
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JAWS, TeamSpeak: Script revision 284 released, primary fix being speaking checkboxes in menus! A couple other fixes included. Release notes at and download link on same page as usual.
JAWS, OpenTween: Maintenance script revision 227 released to support current JAWS versions with the newly revived OpenTween Release notes at and download link on same page.
JAWS, Skype: Skype 8.82 came out yesterday (Friday March 25) and made my typing indicator stay on constantly. I fixed this and a few other things last night. You can grab current scripts from as they evolve. I will make another announcement when I formally release the update.
JAWS, Skype: Script revision 220 is released, to fix problems in Skype 8.82 and also to make Alt+1 move to the Conversations list when a group chat is on screen. Release notes at and download link on the same page. Please make sure you are running Skype 8.82 or later before upgrading to this script revision.
JAWS, Amazon Alexa: New scripts for the Windows app are available at
Some controls read better, Enter activates a contact in the Communicate screen, Insert+T says more and names call/drop-in screens... and the app name pronounces better.
Audir, Virtual Audio Cable (VAC): Audir revision 421 released; details and download at
* fm is now fms; HEADS UP this is a syntax change.
* Close allows multiple repeaters at once, as do start/stop/show/hide/info.
* Launch without arguments lists saved repeaters instead of giving an error.
JAWS, TeamTalk: Qt client Script revision 387 posted; release notes at
Note this is for the Qt client, not Classic.
Automatic window max to improve chat reading (with option to disable), better braille in channel tree, password field character count reported, and a few other items.
NVDA, Skype, TeamTalk, TeamSpeak, Virtual Audio Cable (VAC): Add-on updates for NVDA 2022.1:
Skype (direct link):
JAWS, GoldWave: Script revision 36 posted, just to fix problems with the Alt+Shift+I command for announcing file format information. Thanks Howard Goldstein for this contribution.
JAWS, DMR (ham radio software): Script revision 31 posted; release notes at
Supports Accessible and Open code branches, translatable, min JAWS version is now 17.0, and other updates.
JAWS, Slack: Script revision 110 released with numerous changes; see
Note though that I use Slack less often nowadays; so bug reports are welcome.
JAWS, RT Systems RadioEngine (ham software): Script revision 20 is posted at
This is a new project I took over from Joseph Stephen with his permission. There are several new script features; see the Revision History.
JAWS, DellAudio: Script revision 26 released at
I'm told some still use this. Supports app names RtkNGUI64, rtkn64, and SmartAudio3, and should work with JAWS versions back through 15.0. Fixes Tab.
JAWS, JAM, PSA: Today's JAWS update supports review of past notifications via a popup dialog. JAM does this without a dialog. I will continue to support JAM as an alternative interface for those who prefer it.
JAWS, JAM: JAM revision 92 is posted to improve support for the June JAWS 2022 update.
Includes documentation of how JAM differs with and works with the new JAWS notification management system.
JAWS, TeamTalk Qt client: Script revision 393 posted; revision history (download on same page)
Typing indicator announcements and sounds, tree announcement improvements, toolbar icon state change announcement can be turned off.
JAWS, YouTube: Script revision 93 released at specifically to improve reliability of several command sequences across more YouTube pages - things like Skip Ad, volume focus, Next/Previous, etc.
JAWS, Skype: Script revision 222 released at to fix Insert+T saying chat names, extra "field not found" messages, and a potential minor installer issue.
JAWS, Unigram: Script revision 158 released with many updates, listed at where the download can also be found. Includes a temporary fix that you can enable for the Down arrow in message lists, and handles Unigram's changed application name.
TeamTalk, TTCom: Revision 1330 posted. Details, important to read since some commands changed, are at