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Released Runtime Board v1.6.3

Change log:
- WMS Client registries list is now not limited by depth - retailer may easily access all the warehouse history
- Distributed file system list is now not limited - keep storing you data indifinitely
- Enabled device managemnt for PDT owners
Released Runtime Board v1.6.4

Change log:
- Enhanced WMS Client
- Added ability to reset device password
- Stability improvements
Released DKD API v1.4.0
Runtime Board v1.6.5

Change log:
- enhanced delivery options
- minor bugs fixed
- stability improvements
Released DKD Core v0.8.0

Change log:
- enhanced support of user private tasks
- new interconnect abilities for end-user devices
- boosted session management for user context to deliver them more gracefully accross the system
- minor code improvements and bug-fixes
- improved stability
- applied actual security patches and recommendations
Runtime Board v1.6.6

Change log:
- enhanced file statistics operations and tags management
- stability improvements
- minor bug-fixes
- PWA stability improvements
Runtime Board v1.7.0

Change log:
- enhanced widget reactivity
- replaced notifications subsystem - it is now compatible with ISO/IEC 20922
- minor bug fixes
- other stability improvements
DKD Core v0.8.3

Change log:
- enabled support of built-in mqtt channels
- updated internal dependencies
- enchanced stability and security
- added storage methods to deal with user stats and tags
- added extended support of externally managed tasks
- boosted external devices API support
DKD API v1.4.1

Change log:
- added IoT support
- extended regular devices support
- improved stability
- enhanced security
Runtime Board v1.7.1

Change log:
- improved compatibility with IoT notifications
Runtime Board v1.8.0

Change log:
- improved compatibility with IoT notifications
- extended support of TBT WMS operations
- enhanced file operations and tags management
DKD Core v0.8.4

Change log:
- extended API for external devices
- added explicit notifications channels support
- enhanced TBT WMS integration
- improved stability
- minor security fixes