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Hub for access to Telegram groups and channels related to 3DCoin 3DC and to Project Districts 3D
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Welcome! 😉 This is a simply but useful 🌐 HUB ✔️ with button links for access to official and unofficial Telegram resources (chat groups and info channels, managed by the project Team or by Community members) related to 3DCoin 3DC (cryptocurrency and blockchain with masternodes platform) and to Project Districts 3D (VR / AR / 3D dapps platform based on 3DCoin blockchain).

Click on a button below to access to group 👥💬 or channel 📣 of your interest.

In the main official group (international / english language) you will meet the official Team for every request or need for assistance and in all the chat groups you will meet the 💙 3DCoiners of 3DCommunity 💙 while in the info channels you will find information and updates about the project.

And welcome to the future with 3DCoin Project Districts 3DC
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