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Having removed the requirement for users’ personal information, DIKE prevents the risk of personal data breaches, fund loss, and thefts.

Entrusting money is not necessary, DIKE does not hold nor interfere with users’ wallets.

📈 The three bullish indicators converge as Ethereum's native token Ether climbs over 9% Friday to cross $3,000, its psychological resistance level.

📈 https://ct.com/9zgf
Bitcoin Investors 'No Longer Fearful'

📈 BTC stayed higher on Oct 2 after a "fantastic" break to the upside upended market sentiment.

The classic "short squeeze" saw no significant pushback into the weekend, with BTC preserving levels above the Aug close.

💰 "Following the fantastic breakout move yesterday, investors are no longer fearful towards Bitcoin," Michaël van de Poppe summarized.
Futures-based Bitcoin ETF has '75% chance of approval' in October — analyst

As the SEC "kicks the can" on traditional Bitcoin ETFs, the Bitcoin futures equivalent is gearing up for likely approval, says Bloomberg's Eric Balchunas.

With the smart contract usage model, the data on DIKE reflects the actual trading volume, there is no chance of counterfeiting and price manipulation.

Also, users would be rewarded if there were any price anomalies detected.

$200K BTC price 'programmed' as Bitcoin heads toward 2nd RSI peak

🚀 Sky-high prices may seem hard to imagine, but so far, bullish metrics are simply repeating previous bull market years, charts show.

📈 Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, LUNA, ATOM, XTZ, AXS

🚀 Bitcoin’s strong recovery to $49k has boosted bullish sentiment and it may provide further incentive for LUNA, ATOM, XTZ and AXS to rally in the short term.
Axie Infinity hits a new ATH at $155 while Bitcoin bulls aim for $50K

AXS, CVP and POLS lead altcoins higher while Bitcoin bulls search for a way to reclaim the $50k level.
$50K Bitcoin is 'ultimate bear trap' says analyst as BTC price struggles for key level

Bears betting on a fresh Bitcoin price capitulation may get definitively burned this time, argues Rekt Capital.
'Large pump' coming to Bitcoin, hints BTC price metric — but maybe not until December

Stochastic RSI all but copies moves which sparked 2013's all-time highs, but hodlers may be kept waiting until the very last minute this year.

CME Bitcoin derivative traders had ‘paper hands’ as BTC broke $55K

Traders wound up their long Bitcoin derivatives contracts ahead of the October price rally, ignoring solid on-chain fundamentals.

Pro-crypto senator Cynthia Lummis discloses up to $100K BTC purchase

The Republican lawmaker from Wyoming has been a vocal supporter of Bitcoin and blockchain technology in Congress.

Bitcoin eyes big $58K resistance as new data shows hodlers acting the opposite to Q1

Investors are hodling into all-time highs this time.
What Bitcoin correction? BTC price holds $55K despite several bearish indicators

Bitcoin price refuses to pull back despite Bollinger Bands and Fear and Greed pointing to an overheated rally.

Successful Smart Cities Will Be Impossible Without Decentralized Techs

Blockchain Technology promises to be the foundational network layer for many systems underpinning successful smart cities.

Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, DOT, UNI, LINK, XMR

Bitcoin could pick up momentum above $56k and that could attract buying in DOT, UNI, LINK, and XMR.
BTC price hits $57K five-month high — 5 things to watch in BTC this week

Bitcoin price action beats last week's local high to edge ever closer into final resistance before all-time highs of $64,500.

BTC price passes $57.4K in a fresh surge towards February resistance

Bitcoin bulls buy up every dip as peak after peak falls to the widely-anticipated Q4 bull run finale.