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DIGITAL 🇵🇹 PORTUGAL is a social network in Portugal with apps available in the Apple AppStore and Google PlayMarket
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DIGITAL🇵🇹PORTUGAL is a social network in Portugal with apps available in the Apple AppStore and Google PlayMarket


🗣 USERS can freely communicate and browse catalogs.

🛍 VENDORS are live representatives of the products and services listed in the live catalog of the app.

🪙 ESCUDO TOKEN is a utility token of the Digital Portugal network, used for governance and accepted as payment for advertisement and to transfer funds between users. The token is non-mintable, limited to 22M tokens, currently released on Binance blockchain.

💰A token WHITELIST sale is LIVE!

💼 A token IDO🎢 will launch after the whitelist sale. This sale is limited to 5000 ESC tokens per one wallet.

📈 Escudo token price will increase with each following token sale, so hurry to vest your stake in the next 1000x coin!

🛣 Check the project roadmap for details: ROADMAP🚀

👨🏼‍💻 The founder of Digital Portugal is the CEO of CONNECT

📢 Follow us on: Twitter | Medium | Discord for updates.
EXCLUSIVE: Discount for the readers of our Telegram channel.

#ESCUDO is an eco-friendly proof-of-stake token.

The token treasury has been minted on the BSC blockchain in the amount of 22’786’081 ESC tokens, which equals to the number of acres of land Portugal has.

Contract can be seen here:

Currently we are selling an initial 1 Million tokens on our website:

Today an ESCUDO token costs 1 Euro.
Its price will increase after 250'000 tokens are sold.

20% of received BNB/BUSD liquidity will be sent to PancakeSwap DEX for public trades, the rest will be kept in reserve to be spent on project development: advertisements, hiring new personnel, adding new features and incentives.

15% of the app's profit will be spent on ESC token buyback for its continuous price accumulation.

We appreciate your interest and welcome new subscribers of the DIGITAL 🇵🇹 PORTUGAL channel!

💸 Our Telegram readers can take advantage of a 20% token discount code:


Use at checkout for instant 20% off.
ESCUDO tokens can be purchased here:

We hope Digital Portugal ecosystem becomes a new incentive for all companies to optimize their logistics chains with our on-premise civic technology.

We appreciate your interest!
Dear subscribers, we posted a new article on Medium and in our blog.

For an IDO we need to sell approximately 50'000 ESCUDO tokens. Our private sale is LIVE, use discount code DIGITAL20PORTUGAL for instant 20% off ESCUDO.
We will start approaching agencies next week.

You are welcome to buy ESCUDO tokens and share this article with your friends and colleagues in crypto industry.