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In previous video we were talking about Germans legacy trace, the origins of Rynok Square denotation (etymology) and WWII name of Prospect Svobody (Liberty Avenue) in Lviv.
So do really Germans took part in much more earlier history of Lviv city, for example – roots of printing inventory as we know, instead of well known Russian so called “first printer” Ivan Fedorov here?
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The Grail Hallows, which, according to the legends, was taken by the Knights Templar from the Holy Land bring them sudden extremly richness. No one knows where it has hidden now.
So, does the Grail Hallows really exist?
And what if they are hidden somewhere in the Eastern Europe?
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Watch full video "Journey to the Pistis Sophia" on my youtube channel
Thanks to the curious Lithuanians from Wilno — Gvidas and Laura for having the opportunity to test my knowledge about Lviv as different guide and got a great experience!
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