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Author of dark and light. Dark fantasy & uncensored romance at diannahardy.com
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I’ve spent over 10 years writing about merging dark and light; two polar opposites (or so it seems) and finding the common ground between them. It’s much harder to do that in “real life” isn’t it? When you feel threatened by the other. The question isn’t about whether the threat is valid (sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t), it’s about the character’s reaction to the threat and how they’re going to resolve it with their goodness and morals intact. With their broken pieces still part of the whole. That’s the hero’s journey. That’s your journey. It’s OUR journey. It’s not about the right and wrong, it’s about the journey. And while we read about it, thinking it happens outside us, it only ever happens within, silently, unseen, and so hard to translate into words... which, of course, is why fiction exists. It’s easier to tell of the journey when everyone thinks it is just a story. Stories will always be needed. They dare you to go deeper.
Most of my excerpts are too long for Telegram (and most platforms) so they will be posted only on FB. News and updates will continue to be posted everywhere.
The (current) “creation” book, with many spare pens. It’s been a while. I’m plotting. Have spent the last few days re-reading The Last Dragon, Reign of the Wolf, Blood Shadow, Aftershock, and Blanket of Snow. To remind myself. That’s also what I recommend you re-read before October 2023 for what is to come next ;)
Stunning woodland walks this morning, in a place the trees speak to you and you can feel their roots in the depths of the earth.

Look out for an excerpt on my FB page at 5pm today.
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