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The Next Generation DeFi Insurance Protocol on Ethereum dfip.io
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First day on @ProBit_Exchange and we are on the 4th place in BTC pairs Volume Rating!🎉🎉🎉
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let's see if TA works
AG8 X DFIP partnership

DFIP based insurance product, using Atromgate blockchain & technologies and AG8 coins to unleash unlimited power of DeFi.
New DeFi Insurance Product for students all around the world.

Two strongest projects on Probit, the future of insurance is coming.
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🌲you can find $DFIP on Uniswap 🦄
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Our partner, AG8, goes DeFi

Soon we will introduce our common product:
Insurance for students, that uses AG8 blockchain and DFIP technologies!
We are in #DeFi sector on @ProBit_Exchange now! And we have the most powerful pump!
The real power of #DFIP #blockchain #insurance and its main benefit is that people can replace the legal guarantees with smart contract technical guarantees. Absolutely independent and fair.
“Network effect” — a powerful phenomenon in which the value of a product or service increases in direct ratio of users. We predict the growth of #DFIP protocol and its use by a large number of people.
We thank our community for the adherence to our values.

#insurance #blockchain
[PRICE ALERT] From Probit Indonesia
#DFIP is in top gainers on
DFIP is top14 CMC gainer right now!
We are so excited to introduce NEW $DFIP Travel #Insurance with super user-friendly design 🎉
Available publicly in testnet

Use Desktop (Chrome/Firefox) with MetaMask installed and Ropsten Network activated

(Opt. Use faucet.metamask.io to get testnet ETH)

· Buy and Activate Insurance Policy

· Claim your payout

· Vote for insurance cases as a jury

· Check out statistics

DFIP is in the Biggest Gainers on @CoinMarketCap !
Also we updated our website with some helpful info!

Check this out!
We just released our token list "New DeFi Wave"!

Top DeFi tokens to track in 2020/2021