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For IG bans/unbans/memorialize:


For WhatsApp/Tiktok:

Now selling IG Memorialize Method!


For those who don't know what memorializing accounts means:

I'll start doing consistent memorialize bans tomorrow ❤️😊 Love y'all so much...
Tiktok bans open! @braindisorders
Victim needs many videos with text on them.
DON'T deal with @banigz - he's scamming ❗️❗️
We don't have anything to do with him and we are not partners 🙅‍♂️

Would y'all like me to ban Twitters?
Anonymous Poll
Yes!!! 👑🔥
Nah 😕
There's only one problem in my eyes, there's hella demand and in order to ban twits safe 100% we can only do 1 per day, so price wouldn't be cheap (>$100). Let us know what u guys think.
Twitter bans available 😈
Starting from 150$
<80k followers / Not verified

To order pm me on @braindisorders
IG Bans Open! ❤️
Just banned a 30k follower Twitter!
Remember i can only do 1 per day

To order: @braindisorders
Just banned a logo PFP in 4 minutes, IG ban support fast rn 😊😊😍
Sorry if I don't offer instant Twitter bans, there is a cue of people and i have to do the ones that come first to make it fair 😔

It's sad that i can only do 1 ban per day but I'm hoping next week i can do 2 😄

Instagram: @m4rioski 👑
Twitter: @braindisorders 😈
Twitter and Instagram bans available! 🙈😚😝😈🔥

Instagram: @m4rioski
Twitter: @braindisorders
Hey guys, it's @m4rioski here. Been doing hella IG bans today, seems as human pfp no names work now! lmaoo
IG bans up 😊❤️
Anyone knows any verified twitter account seller? Pm me @braindisorders (I'll give u a cut if i end up buying from seller you give me 😊)
Hey everyone, we've been testing a new Snapchat ban method lately. It seems that it works but takes 1-7 days. If anyone's interested contact us! ~ @m4rioski and @braindisorders. Love y'all ❤️
From now on, I will be doing 2 Twitter bans per day 🤗🤩😎

Bump my pms, i forgot who was first on the Twitter ban queue hehe
Remember, if you have dealt with us and ended up satisfied, we would appreciate it a lot if you rep/vouch us on OGU:
ogusers.com/marioski (@m4rioski)
ogusers.com/sopa (@braindisorders)