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Win 10 Debloater.txt
76.3 KB

1. (Ctrl+A) Copy all Text
2. Run Windows PowerShell as Administrator
3. Paste the code
4. The De bloater Menu will Pop-up
5. Select Custom/Full Uninstall Bloatware

(a) Full remove clears all bloatware
(b) Custom Remove allows you to select what you want to remove/keep.

181.9 MB
Notable Features

A very handy application that can be used for creating whiteboard-style animated videos.

The canvas of scribe is infinite letting you add as much content as you need.

Equipped with a very impressive image library that includes loads of shapes and images you can insert onto the canvas.

You can easily resize the shapes using the mouse, move them around the canvas, and rotate them.

A rich audio library with songs that can be used as background music.

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48.4 MB
qBittorrent 2021

This is a widely used and popular application that offers users a wide range of tools and features enabling them to download multiple torrent files from the internet with a simple click.

Key Features

Integrated torrent search engine.

Download torrent with ease.

High performance and speed.

Selective download files.

Control the torrent transfers.

Control the download speed.

Support for Unicode.

Audio Editor v1.01.18.1201 [ViP].apk
35.7 MB
Audio Editor - VIP

This is a powerful song editor & music cutter app! It is a sound editor that can help you edit music or make songs.

You can use it as a song maker & voice editor app, just as the audacity audio editor on desktop, it’s an audio lab & music lab on your mobile phone to edit audio.

By using this audio maker & sound maker, you can edit songs via the audio trimmer, convert video to audio via mp3 converter, edit audio via volume booster, audio compressor, format converter, and equalizer.

Notable Features

1. Powerful Music Cutter & Song Maker

2. Song Maker & Audio Merger

3. Song Editor & Music Mixer:

4. Volume Booster, Bass Booster & Audio Booster

5. Audio Converter, Audio Compressor & Format Converter.

6. Video to MP3 Converter

7. Audio Compressor

8. Text to Audio

9. Audio to Text

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13.4 MB
Cybercafe Pro

A very handy and powerful application that will help you in monitoring the actions of more than 250 client computers in an Internet cafe.
Provides support for pricing options, time codes, reservations, advance admin settings, and account management.
Can control more than 250 clients from the server station of you have deployed the client version of the utility on all of the target PCs.
Can also enable the Play & Pay mode for charging the customers after they use the client station and charging the customers before they use the client station.
Can also enter the amount of money charged per hour of the computer time.
Can configure your local taxes and set up a master password for blocking other users’ access to your Client Admin section.
Comes packed with loads of parameters for letting you manage your Internet cafes and all the parameters have been very well organized.
Provides you the possibility to generate the time codes by specifying the number of codes, assigning a time value to each code.
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