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Hello everyone. We are glad to present a new USER INTERFACE.
Also, from today, all users with an active subscription have access to the DELTA HEDGER BOT.
Both bots can be launched at the same time, but for this you must use different subaccounts on the exchange for each bot. - The Fastest Trading Bot for Deribit

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💰 Loss Protection;
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💸 Referral Program (we pay 5% of all payments of your referrals for lifetime)

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As you guys probably noticed, we have reduced the prices for the monthly subscription. We know that things may got a little noiseless at our community in the last months, that's because we had been applying massive efforts in a development of a new and ultimate tool for safe trading on Deribit. The result is a almost ready FULLY HANDS-FREE solution, as our traders will manage the performance and setup it from a new linked trading terminal, connecting customers, Deribit and DeriBot.

By the way, this new product will not be sold. Its mechanics will be based on a profit-sharing model which a part of customer's net profit will be deducted by the end of the billing period.


- Wallet balance will always stay in your own account, as our already released products.
- Bot works on API
- Servers are located in the same Deribit's datacenter
- Success fee: 50% from the profits for the billing period.
- Usual respect, reliability and safety achieved from DeriBot's services over the years,

Unfortunately, this opportunity will be limited to a small number of mid-sized's account investors to a institutional grade.
We have the first part concluded and now we are inviting a few investors to try out this alpha version. According our forward tests, we have found a net profit estimation from 42 to 80% APY (3-5% monthly. Success fee already deducted) with this almost riskless product . You can contact us if you have a verified account and have at least 0.5 BTC available at your margin balance.