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Asian energy crisis ahead - it has already arrived in the U.K. Has the possible Evergrande collapse overshadowed the massive problems in the chinese energy market? Insights on DepthTrade:
Taiwan & USA vs China – Odds of War Keep Rising -
It is worth taking a close look at what is happening in the Taiwan Strait and the intensifying psychological warfare between China, Taiwan, and the United States - Geopolitical Insights on DepthTrade:
Escalating Global Supply Chain & Energy Crisis - Companies warn of standstill - Global energy prices rising - Product shortages - China restricts production - Aluminum price skyrockets - Insights on DepthTrade:
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The Oil Market looks like a giant V-Shaped Bottom - ...With its low at minus 40 USD! - Can inflation push the oil price to a new all-time high? - Insights on DepthTrade:
“Don’t hold Euro!” – Inflation, Export & ECB – €uro Policy Analysis – Debt socialism and Europeanization of social security systems – EUR/CHF about to make a fresh 6-year-low – Insights on DepthTrade:
Emerging Markets - Inflation and Interest Rates: Russia, Turkey & Poland - What is the Current Situation in the Emerging Markets? MSCI World vs. Emerging Markets Index - Inflation & Monetary Policy - Insights on DepthTrade: