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Tooth bonding is quick, affordable, and almost without pain. The procedure is a cheaper alternative to the more expensive cosmetic dentistry treatments with crowns, veneers, and so on. It can be performed in two primary ways - direct composite bonding that repairs chips or cracks and adhesive bonding that is used with crowns, veneers, and dental bridges.

Cosmetic dental bonding is suitable for pretty much every patient. Any little imperfections that affect your smile can be improved with such a procedure.
Because of the aforementioned factors, body mass index (BMI) can highly reflect on oral hygiene and health. A study including Saudi adults showed that participants with a higher BMI were also more likely to experience oral soft tissue variations, periodontal pocket, and DMFT (decayed, missing and filled teeth).

After so many years of research and study on the effects of obesity on oral health, there is no doubt now that these two things are correlated. When healthy weight is not present, it gradually starts to act on your pearly whites. Not only is there an association between obesity and dental caries prevalence but there seems to be one between obesity and other dental issues.
Let’s go over the five different types of human teeth. Starting with the baby teeth (milk teeth), children have a total of 20 teeth that later fall out and get replaced by their adult teeth, the number of which grows significantly.

The first ones to break through the gum tissue are two bottom incisors followed by more front teeth. They are usually the first to fall out (at around 6 to 7 years). Canines erupt at the age of 16 to 23 months1. Next, come upper and lower molars which gradually start to come out on the first year’s mark and continue to develop until 3 years of age. They are the last to fall out.
As mentioned in the intro, during pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations may have their toll on your dental health. And dental health is a window to your overall health. It may change how your body reacts to plaque. It’s like morning sickness and food cravings aren't enough, but you become susceptible to so many things, including a prevalence of bad bacteria on your pearly whites.
What is tooth decay?
It is a disease of the hard tooth tissues, which leads to their destruction, and if the process remains untreated - to pulpitis. The cavities formed in the teeth are permanently damaged hard dental tissues. They result from a combination of factors, including bacteria that grow in the oral cavity, frequent eating, intake of sugary and carbonated beverages, and poor oral hygiene.
How much is the cost of a dental crown in Singapore?
The range of tooth crown price is quite big. The tooth cap cost can start around $700 on the cheaper side and be as much as $3000 on the more expensive side. This such a big range is because the cost depends on a variety of factors - where the tooth is located, how big it is, its condition, and the type of material from which the crown is made of. Here is a list of different types of dental crowns and prices in Singapore:

metal crown cost - $500 - $1000;
dental crown zirconia cost - $1000 - $2000;
composite crown cost - $500 - $1000;
wisdom tooth extraction cost Singapore - $100 - $200.

Dental crown replacement cost may vary depending on what needs to be done on the tooth.
How do I get rid of gap teeth?
It should be noted that gap between teeth may not always need treatment. A dentist can figure this out based on the underlying reasons.

Metal braces – the traditional ways to fix malocclusions
The best treatment for gap teeth is braces, as they can bring the teeth closer and minimise the vacant space. Traditional appliances are made of metal, which causes great inconvenience for the patients.

Invisible aligners - modern dentistry solution
A more modern approach is invisible braces and aligners like Invisalign. They are not only transparent but also removable which renders them a favourite orthodontic treatment to close gaps and straighten out fangs.
What Causes Cavities and How They Form

When you consume the likes of fruit, candy, bread, soda, cake, or other carbohydrates, the bacteria that are naturally lodged in your oral cavity convert them into acids. The longer they sit on your teeth, along with other food particles and dental plaque, the more time they have to knock your tooth enamel down.

The damage manifests itself as tiny openings on the surface that may differ in colour, from yellow to black, grey, and even white. Other names for cavities are tooth decay and dental caries.
Have you ever wondered how you can become a dental hygienist in Singapore? We are going to explain to you what does a dental hygienist do exactly and what qualifications and certificate you need to practice this profession.

A dental hygienist is someone who provides preventive dental care for the oral cavity under the overseeing of a dentist. The dental hygienist can clean the patient's teeth and examines their mouths for signs of illness and injury. He also teaches them how to keep good oral hygiene.
What is dental floss?
Dental floss is an instrument that is used to maintain proper oral hygiene. Through it, narrow interdental spaces are reached, which cannot be reached by the toothbrush and toothpaste. This is a necessary tool for maintaining proper and good personal oral hygiene. It can be used easily and it is an excellent tool for removing plaque that forms between your teeth and underneath gum.
The right pediatric dentist is the one who will not only care about your children’s teeth but can also put them at ease. That’s why we gathered a lot of information and we share tips on how to find the right dentist for kids in Singapore. So, if you're looking for the right dentist for toddlers or your teenager - this article is for you!
Dental insurance in Singapore is designed to provide an affordable approach to oral health care and to help pay for preventive dental care as well as some major dental procedures. Covered services can vary from one plan to another one but dental insurance in Singapore normally includes regular cleanings, fillings, root canal treatment, and emergency dental services when needed. You need to make sure what your plan covers before getting it. For more information head on over to
The gum disease can be two types - mild form called gingivitis and advanced form known as periodontitis.

Gingivitis is a common gum infection where they become red and swollen. Very often when brushing gums start to bleed. When gingivitis is not treated it may turn into periodontitis.

Periodontitis is a serious degenerative infection of the teeth and one of the main reasons for tooth loss. In fact, more teeth are lost due to periodontitis than due to tooth decay.
Having a toothache can be really annoying especially if that happens on public holidays, during a vacation, on a weekend or even at night. The pain can vary greatly, from mild discomfort to unbearable ache. Some of the common causes of toothache are infection, root canal exposure, gum disease, jaw joint disease, and others. In such situations, it is important to contact an emergency dental clinic as soon as possible.
Gingivitis is maybe better known as gum infection. It's actually inflamed gums caused by plaque build-up on the teeth themselves. This disease is most common in adults, but people suffering from diabetes, children, and pregnant women are also prone to it. Gingivitis is the body's natural response to irritation from bacteria in the mouth. It presents with symptoms such as bleeding gums and it shouldn't be neglected. But although it’s common, it’s important that you take your symptoms seriously. If left untreated, gum diseases can develop into periodontitis and may lead to gingival hyperplasia (when your gum overgrows around the teeth), tooth loss, and even bone loss, often caused by the immune response to the unhealthy bacteria.
A dental bridge may be recommended if you recently lost a tooth. A lot of people have used the appliance over the years, helping people eat normally and live a normal life without any difficulty. Read our article to find out more about dental bridges in Singapore, how much they cost, who is a good candidate and more.
It is estimated that at least 68% of adults have dental tartar or dental calculus. This post will break down what’s causing it, how to prevent it, and everything in between. A lot of people downplay the risk that tartar build-up poses on the teeth. But unless you stay on top of it, the hard deposits could cause serious long-term issues and even tooth loss. Let’s see what it is about.
Let’s delve into the most common dental surgery procedures in Singapore.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction
By the time we turn into teenagers, almost all our adult teeth come 1 in save for those third molars known as wisdom teeth that join the army later on. Many times, instead of facilitating the eating and speaking processes, they do more harm than good. It’s like they want to kindly remind us that adulthood is no walk in the park.
To learn which are the other types of surgery visit our website at :
We'd like to introduce you to Dr Clara Gibson from Expat Dental. She is originally from Ireland where she qualified as a dentist from Trinity College Dublin with the highest exam results.

In addition to having experience in general dentistry, she received her Masters in Orthodontics and Membership in Orthodontics with The Royal College of Surgeons.

After practising in London for 10 years, she relocated to Singapore, bringing with her vast experience in all types of orthodontic treatments.