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We’re doing our bit for Cardano decentralisation, and paying it forward along the way!
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We’re one of the APSA pools! By staking with us you can soon receive DANA tokens on top of your ADA rewards 🚀
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Some nice delegations joining us 👍
How we all doing peeps? The Ardana ISPO is coming up, and more details are going to be released next week…. here’s a teaser…. it’s going to run for 6 months and early loyalty will engage a multiplier. More to come soon…
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The wait is over, folks! 🎊

📣 $DANA ISPO will be launched in July, with the rolling snapshot taking place from April 1st until the debut of the ISPO. ⚡️

You will not want to miss out on this opportunity! Check out for more details ↗️
Channel name was changed to «[DEN] pool»
Channel name was changed to «[DEN] Pool»
Institutional money coming in is my bet ... 🤔🤯
Looks promising 🤞
Hey! How we all feeling about the current #Cardano price? Does it matter to you?
Good to see us holding our own against some of the highest ROA pools of these MPO’s. Check it out for yourself at cardastat.info 👍