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Recently, the DeFireX team took part in the Blockchain Life 2021 international forum. We received much feedback and realized how few people know about DeFi.

Thus we decided to write a small guide for beginners in decentralized finance, read here how to start earnings on Yield Farming.
In connection with the scammers increasing , we ask everyone to be vigilant!

Read how not to fall for a scam in our article.
Ignoring the rules of personal security on the Internet can lead to the fact that all cryptocurrency in your wallet balance will be irretrievably lost.

Thank you for choosing the DeFireX platform for Yield Farming!
DeFireX update is coming!

The developers are planning to add all pools from Venus! Soon ETH, XRP, DOT farming pools will be available with X5 profit than in the original Venus pools.

Differentiated model is used in the pools. Security is provided by multiple independent servers that use different infrastructure vendors to provide complete resiliency.

To increase the efficiency of Yield Farming, at the time of initialization and at certain circumstances in the farming process, the currency position in Venus is selected in purpose of providing the highest profitability.

Thank you for choosing the DeFireX platform for Yield Farming!
New pools are already available on DeFireX!

ETH, XRP and DOT farming pools guarantee an annual return of 25% -32% in the currency of the deposit without market risks. Now users can choose from 10 pools with APY from 18% to 270%!

Thank you for trusting the DeFireX platform for Yield Farming
DeFireX resumes farming on the Ethereum network!

Thanks to the Ethereum positive updates, the farming strategy based on the DAI stablecoin was re-launched. The current percentage rate in the DAI pool is 28% per annum.

As a reminder, ETH recently reached the psychological limit of $ 3,000 and then easily crossed it. It is now trading at $ 3,455, and fees have also dropped. Due to the positive news background, the liquidity from the Binance Smart Chain began to flow back to Ethereum.

The DeFireX team is keep in touch with innovation in the industry to bring you the most profitable and safe Yield Farming!
DeFireX launches the opportunity to gain profit without deposit by running special scripts on your own!

To keep the system operation running reliably, special scripts were launched to interact with smart contracts. Scripts are activated when there are sudden jumps in the price charts. The mechanism was designed in order to keep running the correct operation of the pools and increase the reliability of the entire system!

The DeFireX team suggests the community to run similar scripts on their servers for prompt response in case of emergency situations. When the user launches the script, positions are rewinded in Venus and the profit is automatically fixed (if necessary). Sending such useful transactions and keeping the script running will be rewarded with DFX tokens! Thus, users can now earn with the service without making a deposit!

*Detailed technical information will be available within a few days

Thank you for choosing the DeFireX platform for Yield Farming!
Recently we have announced that DeFireX launches the opportunity to gain profit without deposit by running special scripts on your own

The DeFireX team suggests the community to run scripts on their servers to keep the pools running as efficiently as possible! Sending useful transactions and keeping the script running will be rewarded with DFX tokens! Thus, users can now earn with the service without making a deposit!

There are two repositories below with information about how to run scripts for positions’ rewinding and automatic reinvestment:

Thank you for choosing the DeFireX platform for Yield Farming!
An additional DFR token is launching on the DeFireX platform to maintain the rate of the platform’ base token DFX!

The transition to the new farming will be possible in one click on the DefireX website, which will greatly simplify the process.

The additional token implementation will prevent a DFX price from falling and, in general, improve robustness of the entire system. The transition to the new DFR token reward scheme will take place within a few days. The buyback mechanism will work only for the DFR token, the purchased tokens will be burned. We will tell more about DFR tokenomics in the special wiki section.

Stake, farm and receive DFR and DFX tokens as rewards on the DeFireX platform!
DeFireX developers are actively implementing the DFR token on the platform, this is really important and will have a beneficial effect on the DFX price. But another thing is critical important - prepare a proposal for Venus as soon as possible in order to return the locked funds!

Our users are a priority for us, so the addition of the DFR token is postponed a little.

Thank you for being with DeFireX!
DeFireX warns of a possible short-term drop in APY in pools.

Due to the regular update of the Venus protocol, profitability in DeFireX pools may decrease. Do not worry — this is a temporary nuisance. APY will increase within a couple of days!

Thank you for choosing DeFireX!
Finally we implement DFR token on the platform!

DeFireX kindly asking everyone to migrate from old pools to new pools. Just click “Migrate” button in the interface. There will be no yield in old farming pools.

Thanks for choosing with DeFireX!
DFR Token Details

DFR emission
The issue of the DFR token is limited via farming smart-contract that distributes rewards for liquidity providing. The initial rate is 1 DFR = 10 DFX, then it depends on user sales and buyback. At the moment, 300 DFR tokens are issued, taking into account vesting, this is 100 DFR per day.

How is DFR secured?
DFR is backed by the project's profit and partly by the liquidity of the DFX token.

Why do I need a DFR token?
The distribution rewards in DFX must be ensured by the profit of the project, otherwise the DFX rate will only fall. DeFireX's profit is currently small due to a problem with blocked funds, a decrease in rewards in the Venus Protocol, as well as due to a significant drop in the Venus token rate. Keeping DFX farming activated would make very difficult to maintain rewards at the level of profit: if the DFX price fell, rewards have to be increased; and if price raises, rewards have to be decreased. Doing this automatically is difficult, unreliable and fraught with manipulation. Therefore, it was decided to create a DFR token, the rate of which will be mainly determined by the profit of the project. Also, DFX buyback will be hold in DFR tokens. It will have positive effect on the DFX rate and will be the backbone for the DFR rate. After buyback mechanism tokens will be burned.

Do I need to add my tokens to the DFX-DFR pool?
There are no rewards for this pool, except for the commissions from exchanges. When adding liquidity, the user must understand that liquidity will be used for DFR swapping, and the profit will be when the profit of the project exceeds the current emission of the DFR tokens.

Thanks for choosing DeFireX! We really appreciate it!
DeFireX launched on Polygon Network (MATIC)

Stable pool USDC, USDT, DAI is available NOW with 20.60% APY!
The project team has implemented a mechanism for automatic reinvestment in the pool!

Thank you for choosing DeFireX, more good news coming soon
The DeFireX team is actively developing and improving the platform!

And some more good news:
DeFireX listed on Defipulse!

Also, DeFireX is now added on the DeFi section of CoinGecko and on the DappRadar site of the Polygon network.
The NFT trend in play2earn games is becoming more powerful, and DeFireX doesn’t stand aside. We are happy to announce that the DeFireX team is involved in the development of, the NFT mining metaverse game, which is ready to launch this month!

Like you, the DeFireX team is patiently waiting for the funds unlocking date. We remind you that unlocking will take place after a successful vote on the VIP42 proposal. We thank the community for their support during this difficult and protracted situation. As a reward for patience among all users who have lost access to funds in the pool NFTcraft game tokens and NFT characters will be distributed!

Thank you for choosing the DeFireX platform!
How long have we waited, and finally it happened: the funds would be returned to DeFireX users. The team would like to thank everyone for their assistance and patience in the process of unlocking funds!

Venus governance voting was successful, and very soon the funds will be returned to the owners. Proposal can be executed on 6th October, 2021 at 4:01 PM

The DeFireX team is actively analyzing the market for new promising trends. We are pleased to announce our participation in the development of the GameFi project, which will soon be available for public beta testing.

We invite you to check out our partner project

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Thank you for choosing DeFireX for yield farming!
Hooray! The funds are returning to the users!
Thanks @VenusProtocol
Read more details here -
The website will be available within a couple of hours. There are some updates in data center undergoing. The work will be done very soon
All users are interested in further development perspectives of the DeFireX project. As you know, our team is involved in the development of the NFTcraft game project. The NFT gaming trend and this game itself have a great future.

We have prepared a full article for you that reveals some of the details