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HI Everyone! As many of you know the original Telegram channel was hijacked by one of the original founders Benson Leung. This is the only official DeepCloud AI telegram channel.
I have pulled together a team of developers over the last few months and will start the dev process. I would definitely like to have a few trusted admins on this as well. For myself, this is not a full time position as I still have to earn a living. I will however be working very closely with the team to drive the revised roadmap. I am sorry if many of you feel like you got screwed over however this Covid period hasn't been good for any of us. I will work hard to pull this together and build a solid project.
The first thing on the agenda is the website. The website is back online and i'm having our team purge the team members and repost with new ones.
In regards to tokens and token holders, please give me time week to get this sorted out. I very much would like to get it straightened out.