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Together with our Partners we want to announce our first COMMUNITY CONTEST AIRDROP⚑️

Every active member can get generous prizes. Don't miss this great opportunity to win NFT and crypto prizes. ☘️

Prize pool: 🎁

70 000 $TNDR
200 $BUSD
20000 $DIO
400 $META
6000 $LFC
10 NFTs MetaShooter

πŸ‘‰ Join airdrop now:

Click the link above for more details and win prizes! Good luck πŸŽ‰
Dev Blog #4 is live!

4th edition presents new features, assets, materials, and lightning.

Check it out now ⬇️
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Decimated has won the award for Blockchain Game Developer of the Year at the Hackernoon Noonies2022! πŸŽ‰

Thank you for your support #decimators, it wouldn't be possible without you πŸ’–
Happy Friday morning.πŸ•Ί

Join us for today's #AMA to hear about the latest developments and answers to your questions.

When: Today at 4 PM UTC

See you in a few hours #decimators!

Decimators! We have teamed up with an exciting collection of web3 games & projects to bring our communities a very special airdrop event πŸŽ…

πŸ—“ Event dates: 12/12 - 27/12

🎁🎊 Join us for some festive fun and giveaways EVERY DAY! 🎁πŸ₯³ Complete the Gleam tasks and each day a new prize and winner will be revealed...EXCITING! πŸ₯³

We will announce winners each day on our Discord server -

πŸ‘‰ Join the Advent Calendar event!

Share the event and your winnings with everyone, we look forward to your feedback and sharing our New Year’s joy.🀩πŸ₯³πŸ˜˜

Every day, the advent doors will open, behind which the prizes are hidden. Keep an eye on this channel, we will show which prizes are today and who was the winner! Prizes will be dispersed by each partner until December 27 regardless of the day they were won.

Today is December 13, which means it's time to reveal the mystery of the first day of the XMAS ADVENT CALENDAR. 🎩

🎁 First-day present:
5 UNCOMMON NFT MINES from the Thunder Lands project!

To view the list of 5 winners, join our discord and head over to Xmas Event channel:

Every day till the New Year (14 days) we will share new prizes for our community. You never know, you may be the winner tomorrow!

πŸ‘‰ Join the Advent Calendar event -
Forwarded from Decimated Community (Decimator)
There's a 360 day DIO staking pool added - lock your DIO for a year and earn a huge bonus!
Let's uncover the secret of the next day of the XMAS ADVENT CALENDAR.❄️

🎁 Today's present:
200 $USDT from Amber League

View the full list of winners on our discord:

Join the Advent Calendar event and win prizes too:
Dev Blog #5 is LIVE! πŸ₯³

5th edition provides dev updates on object interaction, character's body, vehicle concepts, apartment customization, and many more.

Check it out now ⬇️

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback in the comments section on Steam!

Don't forget the Christmas Advent Calendar is still running and every day we are giving valuable gifts from us and our partners! You still have a chance to win! Here are some of the recent gifts received by event participants:

🎁The 5th day present:
50 Skytopian Residents NFT freemint spots from CryptoSkyLand

🎁The 6th day present:
5 Epic NFT Arts from GoodFriend's

🎁The 7th day present:
ZapCoin from PlayZap

🎁The 8th day present:
1000 Gold for 100 winners from Chiko&Roko!

πŸ‘‰ If you haven’t already joined our X-Mas event, hurry up! Join the Advent Calendar event!
Merry Christmas to all decimators from the Decimated team! Thank you for your support and being with us this year!

Wishing you a happy holiday season, filled with all the fun and adventure that blockchain gaming has to offer. πŸŽ„πŸŽ
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What are the incentives to own Decimated assets & buy DIO token? Check out latest Twitter post, Decimators! πŸ”½
Attention all Decimators!

We have an important poll that we need your participation in. The future of in-game purchases in Decimated is in your hands. We are giving you the power to decide whether in-game items should be only purchasable with DIO or with a combination of DIO, USDT/USDC, and fiat.

This decision will greatly impact the way you play and purchase items in the game, so it is crucial that you take the time to vote. Your opinion matters and we want to ensure that the in-game purchasing system aligns with the preferences of our community. Don't miss out on this opportunity to shape the future of Decimated!

▢️ Vote now:

Thank you for your participation and support
Friends, your input and feedback mean the world to us.

Our first community survey focused more on the broader habits and preferences in gaming you all have, now we would love you to take the time to let us know more about what excites you about Decimated and the open world, survival, MMO genre.

Once again we will be giving away 2000 $DIO prizes to 4 random people who complete the survey.

▢️ Start the survey now:

Survey entries will close in 7 days

Hope you are all having a great week.