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Раунд: $30M, 16 августа 2022 года

Modulate uses revolutionary machine learning to proactively detect and escalate toxic behavior in your game. ToxMod becomes an expert in your code of conduct and empowers your moderators to make the right decisions to protect your community from the worst behavior happening in voice chat in real time.
Раунд: $40M, 16 августа 2022 года

moximed |
Bluejay Therapeutics
Раунд: $41M, 16 августа 2022 года

Bluejay Therapeutics is focused on developing innovative cures for infectious diseases with the first target indication of chronic HBV infection.
WellnessLiving Systems
Раунд: $46M, 16 августа 2022 года
Раунд: $50M, 17 августа 2022 года

Need to send money to the Philippines? Send a Pomelo Card. Never again think about transfer fees or where your money is. No more sending money again and again.
Kurve Therapeutics
Раунд: $50M, 9 августа 2022 года

A clinically significant drug delivery system for CNS disorders.
Faraday Future
Раунд: $52M, 15 августа 2022 года

"We endeavor to make modern life more connected, more intuitive, more effortless." - Faraday Future
Раунд: $63M, 9 августа 2022 года

WiTricity delivers wireless power at a distance to any device – enabling new experiences with products that transform the way we live, work and move.
Раунд: $100M, 16 августа 2022 года

Pliops' Extreme Data Processor (XDP) speeds up databases, applications, and analytics by 10x while reducing infrastructure costs up to 5x.
Dian Xiaomi
Раунд: $110M, 15 августа 2022 года

Shop Secret, a free cross-border e-commerce ERP, fully supports wish, Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon, Lazada, Dunhuang, Jingdong, Shopify, Cdiscount, Magento, Woocerce, Shopee, to provide you with comprehensive product publishing, order processing, order printing, inventory management, intelligent procurement, data statistics, data analysis, picture management and other one-stop management services. Through data mining and big data analysis technology, we have turned the traditional management software method to intelligence, and provided you with high-quality, convenient and integrated services.
Senda Biosciences
Раунд: $123M, 16 августа 2022 года

Using nature’s codes to fully program medicines—and transform the way we treat and prevent disease.
Oryx Stainless Group
Раунд: $127.44M, 15 августа 2022 года

ORYX STAINLESS GROUP | We trade globally in raw materials for the stainless steel industry. We are your reliable partner!
Раунд: $155M, 16 августа 2022 года

By choosing the AtoB universally accepted, zero-fee fleet fuel card, you get competitive discounts, can set spending limits, & track transactions. Learn more!
Раунд: $170M, 16 августа 2022 года

Guesty is a property management platform. It is used by property managers to manage Short-Term Rentals and Vacation Rentals listed on multiple platforms such as Airbnb, HomeAway, and
Orna Therapeutics
Раунд: $221M, 16 августа 2022 года

Orna Therapeutics is leaving linear thinking behind to create fully engineered circular RNA (oRNA) therapeutics – an entirely new class of RNA medicines.
M&G Plc
Раунд: $268.77M, 21 июля 2022 года

Find out how M&G is creating a more positive future, one investment at a time. Explore our savings and investments solutions that make a real difference.
Раунд: $287.50M, 29 июля 2022 года

Ergotron uses human-centered design to build kinetic workspaces. Our products promote wellness and productivity by moving technology to where you need it most.
CarbonFree Technology
Раунд: $360M, 11 августа 2022 года

CarbonFree Technology – Solar + Storage Solutions
Раунд: $750M, 15 августа 2022 года

TerraPower is innovating technologies to provide carbon-free energy and processes to extract radioisotopes for medical use.
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