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Digital Blockchain Trust community. Changing the future, and protecting your crypto investments for future generations.
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Question: What is the best way to let the world know about TrustCoin & the Digital Blockchain Trust? We want to spread the word and get everyone involved.
Are you in any groups that can benefit from TrustCoin presale & from using the Digital Blockchain Trust to add beneficiaries to crypto & NFTs? Help us build our army!

Twitter Handle: @DBTrustCoin
Twitter Handle: @DigiBTrust
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/NCBJew2nnQ
Telegram Link: https://t.me/dbtrustcoin
Cool renderings from Shimon!
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TrusCoin site is completed!!! Thanks to @amazinguiagency & Shimon for the AMAZING work!

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1.Launch TrustCoin, rewards currency of the DBT. @DBTrustCoin
2.Integration user interface into Solidity program.
3.Mount DBT on blockchain.
Would love it if you followed us on insta @DigiBTrust!
Working on a Pitch Deck for TrustCoin for the launch. I’ll publish it to everyone when completed. Hopefully today.
Pitch Deck Video: TrustCoin & the Digital Blockchain Trust
Shot the video to go along with the Pitch Deck today for TrustCoin and the Digital Blockchain Trust. Avalaunche is requiring a pitch deck and I wanted a short video to go along with it. I'll share the Pitch Deck Shortly with the world. https://youtu.be/3V26VjBzid4
Proud to have the TrustCoin Pitch Deck completed! Check it out.