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Dawn of Peace is a creative community and peace organisation, dedicated to protecting the integrity and sacredness of all Life through conscious activism. https://dawnofpeace.org/
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If you had an opportunity to sit down with a scientist who's come to realise their education was largely based on assumptions, unproven theories and belief in established methodology rather than true science - what would you ask them?

Here's one of those rare dialogues: Dawn Lester interviewing the very well credentialed and awake scientist Mike Donio, who is now openly exposing the lack of integrity and critical thinking in his very field.

It's time to start raising awareness about the larger agenda behind all of the human rights violations and go straight into the beast itself: AGENDA 2030 - tyranny disguised as sustainable development. Join us on the streets again on Friday!! 💖🔥💪 7-9pm at Paseo Maritimo, Fuengirola, by the anchor statue near Sould Park. See you there family!
Let's go again this Friday! We will continue with the same theme: Agenda 2030. Consistent campaigning with the same message eventually penetrates the collective consciousness. As we know, repetition is the mother of all learning. This is what we have to get good at: focus and consistency!!
This will be our third week in a row campaigning for awareness regarding the threat that Agenda 2030 poses to all life on Earth. We know how skilled the other side is at double speak and deception, and through examining the new policies and practises in industry, we can see how dangerous is the worldwide plan to implement the 17 "sustainable goals".

If they manage to depopulate the Earth down to 500 million instead of 8 billion over the next 8 years, would you consider that an achievement in creating sustainability? These guys do. Yes, it is sinister beyond belief. But this is the reality. They want to reduce the population by decreasing birthrate via infertility and by increasing death rate via poisoning (radiation, chemtrails, pharmaceuticals, GM-foods, glyphosate).
Moreover, they are already in the process of purchasing and privatising all resources on Earth, including monetising Natural phenomena and processes, even assigning individual NFT’s to each tree. Their vision is to place a price to absolutely everything, so that nothing can be accessed freely or independently anymore, but everything would be “rented”. If this monstrosity comes to be, long gone will be the days of picking berries freely in the forest, or drinking water from the spring. We are talking next level enslavement.

If this isn’t enough to get you proactive, building a local network, learning Natural Law and growing your own food, you are basically choosing your own future prison in a “smart”city dystopia.
We are honoured to announce a collaboration with the brilliant activist artist Monica Felgendreher: Performance for Peace. Monica has been one of the brave activists to raise her voice in Berlin against the covidian regime. She was even arrested for quoting Vera Sharav - a holocaust surviver who compares the current medical tyranny with nazism. Now Monica is on a mission to spread the message of respect towards freely thinking dissenters via her art, capturing some of the heroes of our contemporary history, who ironically we all admire. Could we re-ignite such acknowledgment for the freedom fighters of today?

Come experience Monica’s art LIVE in the beautiful Misterioso Park in Benalmádena, Sunday 12th of June, at 4pm. We will also be bathed with healing gongs and bowls with Anete Bloise & Souad Sbai, and be invigorated with a practise of Qigong Fusion led by Miguel G. Poveda. We will close the day with an open dynamic drumming circle, so bring your own instruments!

We look forward to seeing you there! 🕊
Henna Maria and Anni Sinilahti went to the streets during PRIDE weeek to do some activism about gender integrity and medical ethics. Some of the questions they were asking people were, would true self acceptance drive one to modify their birth body? Can we have masculine women and feminine men without having to sell them dangerous medical interventions that mutilate a healthy body and damage their hormonal system for life? Are these labels cultivated in the PRIDE community necessary? Could they actually be creating more division and confusion amongst us? What about 'pride' as a value, is it something we should be celebrating?

One of the most enlightening dialogues they had was with a Persian woman who for a while was considering to identify as trans. She was happy to share her thoughts on video. Check it out! https://odysee.com/@dawnofpeace:5/Gender-Integrity-Street-Activism:b
We are honoured to be supporting the #SaveOurFood initiative! This Friday the 22nd of July, we invite all of you to join us in this Universal action for FOOD SOVEREIGNTY.

Let's counter the fear of food scarcity and agricultural collapse, and show the world that we have farmers, we have land, we have networks and WE WILL COLLABORATE!

Check out the website here: https://saveourfood.net

And join the Telegram group here. 💪🥕💚
Physics is defined as the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy.

The word ‘theory’ is described by the Merriam-Webster online dictionary as, “a plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle or body of principles offered to explain phenomena.”

Although defined as plausible explanations, theories in the field of physics are considered to be facts, and we are conditioned to believe in them. We are also taught to respect the creators of such theories as experts and the authorities in their field.

In today’s conversation Dawn Lester speaks with Doctor Steve Young who has an MSci in theoretical physics and a PhD in nuclear physics, so he is eminently qualified to discuss these theories. In our conversation, we discuss some of the fundamental theories within the field of physics and show how they remain unproven and how they are used to promote certain ideologies that impact all our lives.

We'll be going to the streets again tomorrow! This time we will raise awareness on vaccine poisoning disguised under "monkey pox", "heat strokes" and "sudden adult death syndrome". Join us! 💪
We are living through the 10th and final stage of genocide: denial. 💔

Death rates are sky rocketing all around the world and people are acting as if nothing was happening. Those of us who see through the deception have a moral responsibility to speak up. Silence is violence.

Join us on the streets this Friday to raise awareness on vaccine damage as well as natural remedies to help detox the body.

As we advocate for a decentralised resistance, it’s important that these local street events are happening everywhere. Organise your own event and get out there! 💪 Every voice matters.
We will be heading out to the streets again on Friday, to inform our community about the vaccine injuries as well as detox protocols and remedies. Last time we had a powerful impact, and many vaccinated people actually came to speak to us.

The time is ripe now. Too many people are constantly getting sick. Too many people are getting aggressive cancers, blood clots and dying suddenly. People are starting to be ready to listen. The mind control is dissolving. 🔥

Join us in this peaceful manifestation and set up your own local street event – not to protest but to inform, inspire and empower your community.

This is the time to reach out and rebuild. Together! ❤️

We are excited to start hosting Circles of Inspiration!

A lot of people are contacting us, wondering about ways to detox and treat themselves naturally in this time of toxic assault, so we decided to host an open gathering to explore this very topic together.

Bring your favourite natural remedies and best protocols to the table and let's inform, inspire and empower each other! 💖

Here's the Zoom link:

Topic: Circle of Inspiration
Time: Aug 28, 2022 06:00 PM Madrid, CET

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 849 3517 3693
Passcode: 292692
Liver and Gallbladder Flush instructions 2022.pdf
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Thank you everyone for joining the Circle of Inspiration today! 💖

As promised, we are sharing the protocols presented in the meeting. Here is the document, which Henna's slides were based on, sharing about the Liver and Gallbladder Flush!

This can be used as a general detox for anyone of us, for the purpose of increased wellbeing, vitality and longevity, as well as a protocol to help those who are suffering from chronic disease and vaccine injury.
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Here are the remedies Dr. Holly Higgins Wilcher shared in yesterday's presentation, from Magnesium to DMSO and more.
We will be going out to the streets again on Friday, with the brand new eye catching yellow signs. Our theme is Agenda 2030 and all of the atrocities associated with it. We will be sharing flyers and talking to the people, inviting them to take a stand for freedom.

Join us in this peaceful manifestation and set up your own local street event – not to protest but to inform, inspire and empower your community.

This is the time to reach out and rebuild. Every voice matters! Every act matters! We are the change! 🔥
Welcome dear freedom lovers! We are going out to the streets again this Friday and we would love to invite you to join us. Our goal is to raise awareness about Agenda 2030, building connection with our community and inviting people to stand up for their rights.

Our strategy is to inform people in a way that is simultaneously thought provoking and inspiring. We do not want to trigger fear, hopelessness or animosity with the people who are vaccinated, we will do our best to encourage them instead. If this approach resonates with you, come along and let’s create a beautiful field of vital information, courage and compassion on the streets!

If you’re not in the area, set one up for your own community, and together we can raise the frequency across the lands and seas. 🕊💖
Welcome to another peaceful street manifestation this Friday, 7-9pm at our usual spot on the beach bulevard in Fuengirola! We will continue with our theme of raising awareness about Agenda 2030, especially now as Fuengirola has been declared a smart city in the making.

It turns out that most of the people living around here are blissfully unaware of the technocratic surveillance prison in development. Almost nobody we have spoken to has actually heard of what Agenda 2030 entails and how this digitalisation is going to effect their work, their social life, their financial security, their privacy and actually all of their natural rights. Loads of people are keen to listen and open to learning right now. So this is the perfect time to be planting seeds and empowering people out there. 🌿

Every voice matters. Every action matters. Let’s build those bridges familia!!🕊