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My must reads of the week
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Read for:

- Leadership tips ☑️

- Why company perks are about to be heavily invested in 🙃

- TikTok content levels 🔞

& Why 3m searches a day on Netflix is important pondering 🤔

+ 5 life must reads you won’t have read anywhere else!
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My favourite reads this week include:

📺 Reality TV coming to onlyfans?
Smart business pivot from OF

🚦 Can status lights system help with less distractions?
I recommended this in my free hybrid guide last year.

🤨 Redesign offices looking like living rooms?
It’s a no from me but will it help companies bring their staff back in their offices…

🦖 Online Pokémon Fossil Museum
Very smart move
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I highly recommend checking out the links on addiction & book stores booming!
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My favourite links this week is:

- interview with the onlyfans ceo, suggesting we have misunderstood their platform

- the 3 factors that makes work…work

- why discord is becoming an important tool to build community (be careful community means one mistake = loss of advocates and revenues)
Popular stories include

1/ why communication is the lost art form for leaders 😔

2/ McDonald’s won the battle for retention with their new app 📲

3/ premier league stars blaming lack of private jets for poor performance 👀
This weeks must reads is “the best one yet”


- why Starbucks are rightly embracing some 🎃 ☕️ hate

- why Google will fail in another attempt to get nearer to the customers wallet with drone delivery “within minutes”

+ many more

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There’s a number of great reads. My personal favourites:

1/ The worrying world of deplatforming and why it’s going to drive darker behaviours not reduce reach and influence 🤨

2/ Why google docs is an unlikely home to dating. People are going deeper on who they are and want they 📄

3/ TikTok is being called to be banned by German media powerhouse (& its going to be picked up by the West with Chinese concerns) 🛑