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God with us.

What an incomprehensible gift.
If the ghouls who harassed & targeted me every day for the past year knew how much stronger they'd make me, they never would've gone after me to begin with.

Huge tactical error.
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Trump’s inner circle of clowns have convinced him to choose Morgan Ortagus a carpetbagging, neocon, Jeb Bush acolyte, deep state insider over a real grassroots outsider like Robby Starbuck.

They know exactly what they’re doing.

Trump’s inner circle is actively damaging the country.
BREAKING: My attorneys just filed a $15 million lawsuit against liberal website The Daily Dot, their parent company, and blogger Zachary Petrizzo for publishing false statements on my involvement on January 6th including a falsified headline calling me a “riot organizer”.

Their intentional creation of this defamatory hoax has had an outsized negative effect on my personal life and professional career. What they have done is blatantly wrong, journalistically unethical, and, we will prove, defamatory under civil law.

It is my duty to push back on the routine character assassination of conservatives by far-left media outlets. I look forward to presenting all of the facts regarding my involvement (and lack thereof) on January 6th 2021.
I’ve been made aware some scammer is impersonating me on Telegram. My only channel is verified (blue check) so please don’t engage with this person and report them. Thanks! 😘
Forwarded from ALI ALEXANDER 🇺🇸
Roger Stone outplayed Zachary Petrizzo, who is currently being sued in a $15M defamation case for writing fake news lol

It's been a long time since I've seen anything as disgusting as the attacks that Trump Inc. has launched on Kathy Barnette.

This is coming from DC-based political consultants hovering around Trump like flies lying to get endorsements for their own clients.

What is the crossover between Morgan Ortagus and Dr. Oz? 🧐

Who are the players that pushed for both of those disastrous endorsements?

Trump will have another Nancy Mace situation on his hands next cycle when he has to find someone to primary his preferred candidate.

That is assuming he is politically relevant at all when that time rolls around.
Right wing politicos like Hannity are now publishing "explosive" footage of Kathy Barnette peacefully marching on 1/6. They claim that "radical" Proud Boys were in the crowd as well.

Many on the right have sold their souls for money and prestige and they're willing to adopt leftist tactics and disinformation to protect that.

Pennsylvania, proudly vote Kathy Barnette today.

There is no other acceptable option.
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Staff at Twitter should be jailed. They want to adjudicate truth and act as some wannabe tort system. The product is useless as-is.

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Some people treat local shootings like it’s a genre of infotainment. I never have and never will. And no shooting will be so bad as to ever make me question my rights. It’s grotesque to even consider taking away rights or having that conversation while people are burying their loved ones. Monsters in media and political left.

Mourn those lost.
The “January 6th Committee” is an illegitimate taxpayer-funded DNC oppo research firm & hit squad that harasses law-abiding Americans with the goal of taking out the most effective conservative activists and organizers ahead of midterms.

Total farce!
I don’t say this lightly - but I’ve known Nancy Mace for a very long time.

She is one of the most duplicitous, self-serving, and morally bankrupt Republicans in Congress.

There is no personal vendetta.

I harbor no hatred in my heart towards anyone. I have no professional relationship with Arrington.

But I’ve known Nancy Mace for over a decade.

She has backstabbed more good people than I can list here.

#SC01 - the only choice is @KatieForSC.

We can’t screw this one up.
Forwarded from ALI ALEXANDER 🇺🇸
Pray for Peace today in DC as the Supreme Court finally abolishes the poorly written Roe v. Wade decision.

There are left-wing seditionists threatening to kill judges and women. Planned Parenthood has radicalized people through their Big Lies.

@AliAlexander 🇺🇸
Forwarded from ALI ALEXANDER 🇺🇸
Twitter is obsessed with me.

Trending… again?

I’m just an ordinary Peaceful Protester who loves his country.
God, give me the strength and humility to bless my enemies and pray for them daily. Amen.
Forwarded from ALI ALEXANDER 🇺🇸

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